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    Okay, I am shamelessly copying this idea from another forum. But I like the idea, and think we can do it better anyway.

    The basic idea is a Pay It Forward program among members. If you don't know that that is, or haven't seen the film then go here:
    Pay It Forward.

    Now, this is how it works. If you post here, you post something that you have that you are willing to give, and you post something that you are looking for.

    So, for example (this is just an example):

    Quote Originally Posted by Noob

    Looking For: Atama Gi (size A-4 approx.).

    Have to Give: Saulo Ribeiro's Jiu-Jitsu Revolution on DVD.

    Now, this is how it works. You post something you want, and if someone else has this item then they send it to you. Or, if you have something and you see that someone else has requested it, you send it to them.

    And vice versa. If someone has offered something you want, you pm them and request it. If you have something someone wants, they pm you and request it.

    A few small details to keep in mind:


    • This is not a trade system. If you send something, you are not guaranteed to also receive something. And vice versa, if you receive something we are not going to send police to your house to force you to send something. This is on the honor system. (If you want to trade, do it outside of this thread. A PM would work just fine). You are also not obligated to send something to the person who shared with you. If you can, that is fine, but the idea here is altruism, not mutual benefit.

    • What you are looking for, and what you have to give do not need to be of equal monitary value. But they do need to be JJ, MMA, or Martial Arts-related.

    • You must actually own the item you are giving. No, I don't mean you can't give your mother's shin guards, I mean that you must have the rights to give what is on your list. This applies mostly to videos and other media. I assume that if you are participating in this endeavor, that you have the rights to share whatever media you offer, and that they are original (not bootleg) copies, though I obviously have no way to verify this.

    • To participate, you must have a list of items you are offering. This is not a free-for-all. If you expect to take advantage of this system, you must at least be willing to participate. Obviously the easy way around this is to request something you really want, and to offer some shitty item that no one would ever want. If I see this happening I will remove your listing and prevent you from participating. I am serious about this. Do not abuse this sytem or I will toss you in The Hole and prevent you from participating in this thread, if I don't outright ban you.

    • If you are going to send an item, make sure the person has a post in this thread first. No 'Paying It Forward' with someone who isn't in this thread.

    If there is anything I missed, feel free to mention it here or send me a pm.

    Good luck.

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