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Thread: What happened to my rep?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jokerthief

    jbart, Noob and I (along with a shitload of others) come here to connect with other like minded people to discuss and analyze one of our passions. We post because we feel the need to communicate, not the need for getting rep. All of the regulars around here get 50 rep easily because we are genuine with our posts. We are not posting random shit in hopes of getting rep. That goes against the spirit of this place or any forum for that matter.
    Well-said, and thank you.

    I feel as though if I were to say the same thing it would fall on deaf ears. It's hard to be the altruist as well as the one enforcing sometimes unpopular rules. Fight nights it's worse, frustrating.
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    i had 4000 or 5000 posts before the rep system even came into play

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    If you're upset because you're losing rep due to lack of posts, and self admittedly don't post alot, than what's the problem?

    If you don't post, than you don't contribute to the forum. If you're not contributing, than you don't deserve therequired rep points needed to enjoy certain perks of the site.

    If you're losing rep because of your existing post content, than that's another story as you're being judged by your peers as they say.

    You get what you give and vice versa.

    I hope you don't take this the wrong way..I'm hoping this will help you increase your rep so you can experience the site as a whole which includes gaining the knowledge of all the regulars here. Believe me man..this place is an encyclopedia with a personality, so don't lose out.

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    I have a very strong feeling his rep has just declined again.

    Joe Pesci doesn't fuck around!

    I know you're looking up at us: Thanks, George.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erotnas Steel
    Believe me man..this place is an encyclopedia with a personality, so don't lose out.

    Lol, that's an interesting way of putting it. And not entirely untrue.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Noob
    Lol, that's an interesting way of putting it. And not entirely untrue.
    Noob, If people would stop to investigate some of what all ready exists on this site between MMA info and the OT world experience, personal info shared, they'd think twice before simply asking how to get rep.

    This place has more easily attainable knowledge than a library and you ask it specific questions.

    AND Noob TV!

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    I think if you just E-mailed the mods instead of bringing your dirty laundry out into the open your rep probably wouldn't be so low. No one likes a whiner and if you whine people will neg you for the mere sake of it. Live and learn I guess. Start being an active member and you will see your rep rise but you have been told this over and over so maybe this time you will listen.

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    If he doesn't get it by now there really is no hope.

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