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Thread: World Judo Championships 2007 - Brazil

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    Default World Judo Championships 2007 - Brazil

    Tiago Camilo (BRA) vs. Franklin Cisneros (ESA) - Men -81kg - 2nd fight

    Tiago Camilo (BRA) vs Antony Rodriguez (FRA) - Men -81kg - Final

    João Derly (BRA) vs Yordanis Arencibia (CUB) - Men -66kg - Final

    BRA vs GBR - WJC Rio2007 - Men -100kg Final

    BRA vs JPN - WJC Rio2007 - Men +100kg 3rdPlace Match

    Luciano Correa (BRA) vs Peter Cousins (GBR)

    Today is the last day of Judo World Championship Rio 2007. So far, Brazil is in the first place with three gold medals and one bronze, all of them in men's tournament. Tiago Camilo won his seven fights with ippon (this championship will be added to the student and junior championships he has, he was also silver medal in the 2000 Olympics) and João Derly became two time champion (only three others have accomplished that), he is currently first ranked in the world.

    The following HLs are not related to this 2007 world championship:

    Photos of Judo World Championship Rio 2007:
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