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Thread: When good forum members go bad: Omnipotus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noob
    No forum, no matter how well-made the rules, is idiot proof. And this forum is no exception. You will be flamed at some point on this site. If you're here long enough, it will just happen. It's par for the course.
    Is it a par 72?

    Favorite recent dumbass comment:
    Quote Originally Posted by LebenTysonTank
    My opinion is Arlovski is the best HW the world,but Randy stands a chance in a fight with Fedor to,I don't give a fuck what anybody says.

    I still believe in "The Truth"

    *1 - 2 in sig/av bets*

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    So this is all a happy ending now, correct?

    We've got the new rules laid out, Omni is back in the community and all the dirty laundry has been erred and cleaned.

    Chalk one up as a victory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erotnas Steel
    So this is all a happy ending now, correct?
    No, not for me! I didn't bust m......wait, this isn't the thread about my last trip to the Asian massage parlor.

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