I got a question.

I'm a high school wrestler and I needed to lose 10 lbs to get in the wight class i wanted to be in. I did it and i am still eating very healthy. Here is my everyday meal:

Breakfast:2 bowls(small bowls really like 1/2 of a bowl each) of Fiber select cereal in Skim milk or Oatmeal. Nothing on days with weigh ins.

Lunch: turkey snadwich in whole grain bread. Apple or pear. 5 carrots 5 mini tomatoes 5 celery sticks. sometimes low fat beef jerky(For protein)

Dinner: Some type of meat. Salad. 2 Egg whites.

Now my question is that my skin is turning white, like pale white. I feel fine and have energy every day. I just don't get why I am turning pale.