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Thread: Gi Review Thread

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    Keiko Raca Limited Edition Kimono / Gi - White
    A2 = 5'7'' - 6'0''ft / 169 - 177cm 141 - 176lb / 65 - 80Kg
    After one year of wear. Only fluff dried.

    Sleeve width: 14 3/4"
    Sleeve length: 26" (taken from outside of collar to tip)
    Collar length: 73"
    Bottom width: 53"
    Pant width: 18 1/2"
    Pant length: 37 1/4"

    Atama Gold Weave Bleached Kimono
    5'5"-5'9" 140-170 A-2

    Sleeve width: 13 1/2"
    Sleeve length: 28 1/4" (taken from outside of collar to tip)
    Collar length: 73 1/4"
    Bottom width: 54 1/4"
    Pant width: 19"
    Pant length: 37 3/4"

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    Default which gi to get?

    I'm researching all the different gi's that are out there and I'm at a complete loss to which is best to get for my boyfriend. He's a jits instructor under Royce Gracie and is in need for a new one. I think the one that he currently owns is from Gameness but it has a huge rip at the knee and is faded after 2 years of use. From this thread, I gather that Atama is excellent, however I'm curious about that hemp gi that someone had mentioned.

    I'm okay with spending at most $300 for a really good one that will last.


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    I've been contemplating getting GI for a while now. The Muay Thai school I might go to sells them for $60. I figure that is a good price to pay for a starter GI (plus I want to be able to try it on first and see how well it fits). Once I got my yellow belt (I study Traditional JJ) I governed that I earned the right to get one. If I stick with rolling and get another belt then I can treat myself to a more expensive and name brand model.

    I've been eying a Keiko. Demian Maia and Cobrahina wear that brand, so seeing as how their two of my favorite practitioners, that is a good brand to go with.
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    i wear a Gameness Pearl,

    this is a durable gi, the collar is rubber, and doesn't lose its shape after a year of use.

    I'm currently a blue belt, and roll often 3-4 times a week. this gi has lost a little color but that's expected.
    the Gi top is pretty rough, not like a HCK but it can be brutal on someone's face.
    The pants are made from Rip stop material like the Atama, mundial pants.

    I am a huge fan of gameness, the company has great customer service, and high quality gi's and a lower than average price when compared to other companies.

    I am going to buy a Gameness Feather next, since it is made from the Pearl wave, just 100 grams lighter in the weave. Thew Feather is not, i repeat is not like an ultralight, its just a lighter version of the pearl, same cut etc.. in a month or two Gameness will release the Airlight i was informed.

    -great price
    -little shrinking
    -very durable
    -no stretching
    -thick, durable collar, but not too thick
    -Very good cut

    -fades a little
    -a little rough, your partners might complain( is that really a con?)
    - i don't like the rounded cord for the drawstrings.

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    I started with Gameness Gi's (Still love them) , but I just purchased a gi from a brand called Origin. I am impressed. I like the fact that you can choose different sized pants from the Gi jacket size means alot.

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