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Thread: Best Thing in your game

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    Mines would be side mount where I can either kimura, americana, crucifix neck crank, or my personal favorite, transitioning into the north south.
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    Damn good wrestler with cardio for days.
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    my relentlessness. I don't stop coming and I don't quit, where I am mounted even. like last night's training session for example. I am 156-160 tops and I had a 230 lb wrestler and power lifter on top of me and I was able to hip out and tripod over for a sweep, I was damn tired from 3 rounds prior to this one (8 minute rounds) but still passed his closed guard, he regained it, tried to sweep me and in the scramble I grabbed a hold of a McKinzitine (from TUF haha) and choke him silly.

    I am also lanky and crafty at baiting. I took another kid's back yesterday at a later round and baited him into a fall sense of security by letting one of my hooks go, then spun around for an armbar. the second time choke him silly with a Fedor-esque forearm choke

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    My take downs. If I can touch you, I can take you down. wrestled for about 15 years, and excelled in judo. I can usually hit a sag headlock into and arm triangle seamlessly.

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    My double jointed rubber arms that allow me to get man-handled for an extra minute or two before the guy(s) twisting me into a pretzel gets bored with attempting arm bars and decides to choke me out instead.
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    I feel very comfortable when someone is in my guard. And I serioulsy detest being in someone´s guard. When someone is in my guard I can try triangle, kimura, armbar, guillotine and other stuff.

    I think my best strenght are the chokes, I have choked many people with triangles, guillotines and RNCs. For the leglocks I am not that bad either. For armbars (specially from guard) I still need a lot of work.

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    HOLY old thread lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pashak View Post
    I feel very comfortable when someone is in my guard. And I serioulsy detest being in someone´s guard.
    Im with you on this one.

    I actually love being on my back and having someone in my guard, Im all about the armbars and triangles from the bottom. I seem to have pretty good reaction time and naturally long legs. I Love sinking in the triangle and hooking the leg. Im kind of known for my left as well.

    I find I have a hard time passing someone else's guard. Half guard leaves me very open to my skinny arms and wrist being attacked. Ive broken many bones and Im very vulnerable here.

    If im on top, I got to be in a very dominate posistion like side control or mount to be comfortable. My wrestling/trips/TDS are pretty shitty, so that usually only comes from scrambling.

    Ive trianed JJ for about 4-5 years off n on, trained Boxing for 2-3 years when I was like 16-17, never had any real fights or anything.

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    I have very large arms for a guy my size and have never had to let go of any form of arm choke because it wasn't working. I've had guys tap when simply practicing form and I wasn't even squeezing yet.

    I have a ridiculously easy time choking guys with my arms and that's by far the best aspect of my grappling, which otherwise isn't very good!
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