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I have 1 instructor able to be full time. I've been training for about 5 months (started about 6 months ago but had a shoulder set me back a month), but I train No Gi so I don't really have a rank, but when rolling with ranked students I match up with Blue Belts. I'm wanting to get one of those Hemp Gi's and start training with the Gi.

MRSA ain't no joke, especially after seeing Randleman's lol. My brother almost threw up when I showed him that Randleman pic, he was like I wasn't expecting anything like that.

I'm looking to buy the building, I have a few investors in my Spa and i'll be using the back as a training center. I'm wanting to do a cross-section but I don't want to put in money on somebody training MT or boxing so we'll probably just self teach other aspects for the time being.

I still haven't gotten a chance to roll in the hemp gi yet. I had it shipped to a friend's house in the US, so I won't even get to see it for a while. What size do you wear though? I have a friend who ordered one about 6 months ago and quit BJJ. If you are about the same size I can see if he wants to get rid of it.

Yes, MRSA sucks. Especially the strains that come out of the hospitals. That stuff is scary.

I have a few very basic striking instructionals, for ulta basic boxing and Muay Thai type stuff. If you need anything like that just let me know. Might not be world class instruction, but could help if you decide to go in that direction.