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Thread: UFC 178 - All Things Post Fights SPOILERS

  1. Default UFC 178 - All Things Post Fights SPOILERS

    UFC 178 winner Dominick Cruz to get title shot against champ T.J. Dillashaw

    LAS VEGAS – Ex-UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz‘s dominant win over Takeya Mizugaki has earned him a shot at the title.

    At the UFC 178 post-event press conference, UFC President Dana White told MMAjunkie that Cruz will next fight current champ T.J. Dillashaw.

    White did not present a date for the title fight, as is typical for the promotion’s plans immediately following an event.
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    UFC 178 draws reported 10,544 attendance for $2.2 million live gate

    LAS VEGAS – Saturday night’s UFC 178 event drew an announced attendance of 10,544 and a live gate of $2.2 million.
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    Great fight, i actually would have like to seen the fight go 3 rounds just to see what Cruz looked like, he finished it so fast it was hard to say if he was the old Cruz.
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    Yoel Romero And an Unhappy Tim Kennedy Exchange Words Backstage at UFC 178

    Yoel Romero picked up the win at UFC 178, but Tim Kennedy wasn’t too please with his opponent’s between-rounds controversy.

    After the fight, Romero allegedly approached Kennedy to say “my bad,” according to the folks at Ranger Up. At that point, Kennedy tells Romero “If you can’t get off of the stool, that’s the end of the fight.”

    Rep says Tim Kennedy plans to protest outcome of Yoel Romero bout at UFC 178

    LAS VEGAS – The extra time Yoel Romero got between the second and third rounds of his bout with Tim Kennedy will not go without protest.

    Kennedy co-manager Nick Palmisciano told MMAjunkie he plans to appeal the fight’s official result, a third-round TKO for Romero on the main card of Saturday’s UFC 178.

    “The guy couldn’t answer the bell,” Palmisciano wrote via text. “And he admitted in the interview he couldn’t get up. Pretty sure that’s a DQ.”

    In fact, it is considered a TKO when a fighter cannot answer the bell for the next round after a requisite one-minute break. However, a total of 37 seconds elapsed between the “seconds out” warning given by the timekeeper with the overseeing Nevada State Athletic Commission and the start of the third round in Kennedy vs. Romero.

    The total time in between the second and third round, meanwhile, was just short of 90 seconds.

    In a separate text to MMAjunkie, Kennedy wrote, “I’m super disappointed and pissed. In all my years in the sport I have never seen such a blatant cheat.”
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    UFC 178 bonuses: McGregor, Cruz, Romero, Kennedy earn $50,000

    LAS VEGAS – Conor McGregor, Dominick Cruz, Yoel Romero and Tim Kennedy each earned $50,000 bonuses for their performances at Saturday’s UFC 178 event.

    Kennedy and Romero earned “Fight of the Night” honors, while McGregor and Cruz each won “Performance of the Night” bonuses.
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    Cruz made it to a fight, and won impressively which is great, I worry if he will make it to TJ and what shape he will come in. Also interested in the post-fight drug tests.

    Kennedy, I totally understand that he is upset, but if you thought your opponent was done and out of the fight, why did he knock you out when the third round started. To be fair Yoel was running on auto-pilot, its up to his corner and more importantly the ref( Big John) to call the fight off. I still think Big John isnt what he used to be.

    Connor continues to shine, I look forward to people saying he is finally going to lose almost as much as I do seeing him fight. I personally think he is great for the sport, he talks and he fights and finishes in impressive fashion. Will his style cost him one day, maybe but until then he is a joy to watch he really is unique.

    Zigano showed great heart, came back and won a fight that she was getting smashed in.

    Eddie lost his debut, which kinda sucks, the bright side is Cerrone won and should be very close to a title fight now.

    Johnson proves that he isnt just the best flyweight in the division, he is leaps and bounds above the rest. When the round ended Cariaso looked shocked, I think he was defeated at that point and the rest was a formality.

    Mizugaki took way to many blows to the face/head in his fight, it was obvious he was out and the ref just let him get smashed far to many times to deside if he was beaten.
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    Someone needs to cheer for those poor souls.

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    Yeah Tim cheated too glad he got Knocked out.

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    If Kennedy had won he wouldn't be complaining about the extra time. Thats on the ref, he has to control that situation. Kennedy got crushed in the third so of course it's a big deal now.

    I'm ok with Cruz getting a title shot, being that he never lost his belt to begin with.

    Connor is no joke, love watching him fight
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    Holy shit. Didn't notice that before. Looks pretty blatant as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Icon View Post
    If Kennedy had won he wouldn't be complaining about the extra time. Thats on the ref, he has to control that situation. Kennedy got crushed in the third so of course it's a big deal now.
    I'm pretty sure he would be complaining even if he won the fight.. It just wouldn't matter as much. Thats like saying a poke in the eye is only a big deal when you lose.

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