i do all of those except for traditional jj and i still dont know what the difference is between bjj and traditional jj. but anyways it depends what u want to do strike or submit or g and p. eaither way ull definetly need wrestling for takedown defence or offence. if ur takedown defence is so good like chuck liddell's that even world class wrestlers cannot take u down then u dont need any submissions. or u could be good at both like rich and ko most of ur opponents but when it need be necessary submit ur opponent and have something to fall back on incase ur opponent is a better striker. weve seen excelltent strikers from all standup forms, chuck liddell and cro cop r kickboxers and r very successful, rich franklin,shogun and wanderlei silva r muy thai fighters and fighters like dan henderson and phil baroni r traditional boxers with a lot of success, it depends how u like to strike.