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Thread: Should the UFC adopt a tournament format?

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    I like the idea of a tournament BUT only for special occasions. IMO pride goes overboard with there tournys and i would prefer more title fights less tournys over there. Vacanted titles would be the biggest situation that i think UFC would need tournys for also maybe small 4 man tournys when a Number 1 contender is not clear. I posted this already yesterday but im goin to share it again just for that fact that i think it would be AWESOME. Instead of this bs LW Title match of Sherk/Florian how about this.

    "they could have the opening round free on spike to spark more interest in the tournament (i love free mma ) or on ppv whateva, then have the semi's on 64 card and the Finals on 66. They have enough talent in the LW division to field a PHENOMINAL 8 man tourny how bout this for a bracket

    Sherk vs Stevenson

    Franca vs Stout

    Pulver vs Fisher

    Florian vs Edwards

    i think the LW division possibly has enough depth for a 16 man but going 8 would mean any one of these guys has a legit chance. Im just not one for having two guys fight for a vacanted belt, just doesnt seem right to me. "

    I think this would without a doubt produce a UNDISPUTED Champ, also could set up some nice rematchs, and matches that were missed out on in the tourny. I think UFC should use Tournys but only in special circumstances.
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    I think the UFC should have had a Grand Prix style tournment for the lightweight title. I think this would have been kick ass considering there are several great lightweights in the UFC.

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