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Thread: Suggestion about those lurkers.

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    Default Suggestion about those lurkers.

    There is a hack which does not allow guests to see more then the first page of everythread. Just letting you know that it does exist and it is out there.

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    Talked to the boss man about that, he says it'd negatively effect our search engine click-throughs (which bring in a big percentage of our overall traffic) because Google and Yahoo wouldn't be able to index posts within their search system if we have a register only set up here. I believe on PPVs we'll be doing it though, simply because since it won't be permanent the search engines will still index the posts here but will lock out the people who only come here because Sherdog's server crashed during a PPV or some shit. We were way overloaded on this past PPV to the point where our server was getting beat to shit, and we have a really expensive sturdy server so that should never happen. It turned out to be a stupid error made on the hosting teams side, but regardless we got pounded with traffic this past PPV and a lot of it came from people only coming to this forum because the website they were at was loading too slow, etc.

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