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Thread: Your Striking Experience

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    Tae Kwon Do when I was younger, brown belt.
    Could've decided to stay a little longer and get the black belt, but I was sick and tired of it and was ready to quit.
    So I did.

    I would like to take up BJJ (only jap ju-jitsu in my town) or Kickboxing/Muay Thai, maybe next year after I finished school this year. Maybe.

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    I started with Kung Fu, and was not for me, so went into Kenpo and stayed their till now and on going....
    other than that, i do Muy thai, and REALLY amuture mma(which i dont think is legal lol)
    and wrestle for my school

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    Just noticed this thread, I've been training in Muay Thia under Grand Master Toddy at JAXBRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU for about a year now. A really good trainer, but also a good guy, has helped me a lot.
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    i have 24 years old from Tunisia
    my best realisation :
    3rd place in championship of Tunisia 2003

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    As a kid a tried boxing a little, nothing major. Then after 7-8 years I did muay-thai for awhile, changed to BJJ and MMA pretty soon. So I did MMA-stand up for 1½ years and then added kickboxing to my training aswell. Now I'm just doing MMA and BJJ again, but the MMA trainings concentrate mainly on standup techniques and takedowns as the BJJ at my gym takes care of the grappling pretty far. I still suck at standup...

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    I boxed for awhile when I was like 13-14 but high school sports got in the way but I still practiced a little. Then once I got to college it all went downhill. I'd like to get back into it but I am just a lazy piece of trash now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Sundance Kid View Post
    Thai Boxing, Karate, and Kickboxing.
    Exactly the same here, my only grappling unfortunately is wrestling and I'm only currently working out at a MT place in town (I don't even take classes, just work out/train with whoever is around when I have the time)

    As a kid the best thing Karate did for me was improve my balance, I kind of wish I had taken it more seriously.

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    I took tae fu sho which is a combination of TKD, kung fu and shotokan. Was a brown belt on that, then a couple of years after I took TKD and judo but was never able to go up the ranks because of a shoulder injury that held me back.

    For the last week though its been feeling alot better and I've been hitting the bag putting alot of stenght in the right arm and it feels preety good. Of course I'm not doing many overhands or hooks but my staight feels preety good.

    I'm hoping to find a gym around home so I can train some muay thai when I'm 100% I wouldn't do TKD again because there isn't enouth sparing, and I'd love to go back to judo or do BJJ but thats very risky for my shoulder.

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    i'm primarily a grappler, and my only striking is through mma crosstraining... but i've been doing a year of boxing/kickboxing/muy thai in an mma setting. my boxing isn't that great, but i can hit like a truck with my back leg which saves my ass until i get a takedown.

    funny thing though... after 3 months of mma kickboxing training, a TKD blackbelt came in to spar with the 'mma folk' and i handed his ass to him. i don't think he was used to getting hit at all... and the thai clinch really messed with him.
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    Wado Ryu Karate from 13 till 16 got to blue belt, now train Muay Thai 3 times a week under Kru John Steele (one of Master Sken's team of instructors).
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