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Thread: The point deduction for Lesnar

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    it didn't look like it was intentional. Mir turned away from the strike after it was already on its way. Looked like a fair call to me from an unintentional strike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gmunit View Post
    but w/o a punch to the back of the head is it crazy to say that Mir couldn't have been on his way to standing up?

    (i know i'm stretching, but still, for arguements sake, standing would be the most neutral position IMO)
    This brings up a good point. Is there truly a neutral position? I dunno. Personally I agree with mazzagati on standing them up, but not with the point deduction. What I think they really need to do is come up with some standardized class or something that clearly dictates what should happen in certain situations,because its not like what happened last saturday was a unique occurance. Besides theres such a inconsistency in the referees IMO that something needs to be done to level it out a bit.

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    Things happen in fights. I would be interested in Lesnar fighting one or two fights and then fighting Mir again

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    did anybody see what i saw mir turning his head into the punches

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    I thought the point deduction was unjustified. But looking at the tape again, the stoppage was. I was impressed by both fighters that night, now all Brock has to do is get that stupid tat off his chest and he's gonna a real force in UFC's skimpy HW division.
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