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Thread: Who's Overated?

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    Here's my problem. I'm having a hard time determining who's NOT overrated. I know we can all name a few (pfp top ten for instance) but there are so many fighters out there now that everyone's getting so hyped just to sell PPVs. And we all know there are UFC favs that could be losing a fight while being talked up for their skills the entire fight by Rogan and others (Tyson Griffin comes to mind).

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    Yea i know. I really hate when Dana and Joe sit there and talk about someone who just lost a fight or won a shitty decision (Mike Bisping, Rashaad Evans) and talk about how great these guys are. I understand you have to hype fights to get people to watch, I just wish there was a better way to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neonatural45 View Post
    Huerta, he has yet to beat a fighter with a winning UFC record. People were saying he would beat Gomi, what a fucking joke.
    Marcus Davis
    Marcus Aurelio
    Randy Couture
    Clay Guida
    Tyson Griffen
    there are alot more.....
    I'm glad some else also thinks Randy is over rated, I would also add:

    Tito (the game has passed him by, but he is still gets rated - mainly by himself)
    Chuck (I like Chuck, but he has fought weaker fighters than a champ should have, although I have alot more respect for him since beating Wandi)
    Rich Franklin (did well in a talent light devision, got showed up by Silva's Class)
    Kendall Grove (just dosn't interest me at all)
    Sokoudjou (couple of impressive wins - but got a lot to prove after his last outing)

    Sure alot of people with disagree, but those are just my personal choices.

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