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Thread: Whose the #1 contender for the UFC Heavyweight Champion?

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    I think Nog then Couture then fedor just because of lack of competition and that last fight was kinda a freak show

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    The number one contender for the title is Werdum. Politics trumps everything from rankings to promised number one contender matches and obviously politics is playing a huge hand in AA case. That said the only available number one contender is Fabricio Werdum (and chosen via his win over GG) . When it comes to the UFC (and most companies) it isn't about "woulda, shoulda, coulda". It's about what is and currently the number one contener is FW.

    I'm more curious who would be the number one contender after the Big Nog/Wedum title match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VersatileStriker View Post
    So how do we figure this one out? Fabricio Verdum just beat Gonzaga, but Arlovski just beat Verdum, but Sylvia has already beaten Arlovski twice. Then there is Frank Mir waiting the wings. So I think I they go Verdum vs Mir and Arlovski vs Gonzaga. The Winners face each other for chance against Nog. Anybody wishing for the old Cro-cop to come back? Anybody seen Bradon Vera? What do u guys think?
    my thoughts..Dana and the ufc prommised Arlovski the next title shot if he beat werdum...Arlovski beat werdum but no title shot....dana and UFC=douchbags. simply put...Arlovski shoudl get nog for title shot that's what the next fight should be!

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    Well from what I hear AA is on his way out and may sign with M-1 global for a chance to make some big money, especially for a fight with Couture or Fedor. Even Big Tim is talking about moving to M-1 Global. That organization may just create a stronger HW division than the UFC's HW division. The UFC's HW division is pretty flat right now, not signing Fedor for at least one super fight was a mistake IMO. The UFC wants to own every fighter that fights in their shows, especially if they beat their top fighters. Imagine if Fedor beat Randy at a UFC event while he's signed under another promotion. Does anyone remember when Chuck went over to Pride and got embarrassed? Dana would rather ignore the best HW fighter in the world than risk being embarrassed like that again.

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    When is courture due back?

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