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Thread: Reporter: Chuck Liddell Exlusive Interview

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    Default Chuck Liddell Interview; Wants Rampage

    Hello... I tried posting this in the other section.. Didnt work....

    Source: MMA Weekly

    Exlusive Interview with Former Champion, Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell

    Reporter: Hello Chuck, Thanks for taking the time to take this Interview... How Have you been doing?

    Chuck: Been doing good, just doing Book Autographs, getting ready to get into the gym again

    Reporter: How did you see you and your fight with Silva?

    Chuck: It was a good fight... I made a few errors.. but not costworthy... I did what I was going to do and that was Win.

    Reporter: Now it is Now Confirmed, You will be fighting the Former Pride Champion, Shogun, Any Thoughts?

    Chuck: You know, hes a good fighter... Likes to finish fights, just Like I, So it will be an entertaining fight.

    Reporter: How Do you see this fight going?

    Chuck: Well You cant predict how a fight is going to go, I see it going similar to the Silva Fight, Long Fight, but this time, I plan on knocking someone out.

    Reporter: What kind of things have you been working on in training?

    Chuck: Well its our first week, so usually I do some cardio work, just getting in better shape, and hit the treadmill.

    Reporter: How are you going to approach this fight?

    Chuck: Well, I am not going to reveal any of my fight plans, but All I can say, its going to be an entertaining fight.

    Reporter: Now, After this fight, Depending On If you win, Do you plan on fighting for the title or is there a rematch with Keith in the works?

    Chuck: Well I dont know where I stand at after this fight, hopefully I win my next fight and go on to fight the Champion again, Who Knows, But I would love to fight Keith Jardine a second time.

    Reporter: In your fight with Keith, Did you take him lightly or what just happened that night?

    Chuck: Nothing Happened, it was just a bad night for me, I didnt take him lightly... I take him just like I do everyone else.. But I would love to fight him again to show him who the better man is.

    Reporter: Now Some Misc. Questions.... What do you do on your freetime?

    Chuck: Usually when I am free, I usually go on my site;, love to interact with the fans, answer their questions...

    Reporter: And this is a MMA site right?

    Chuck: Yeah, I made the site a while back and its really getting huge so I just want it to be huger and have everyone that likes MMA overthere.

    Reporter: Who do you see winning, Rampage or Forrest?

    Chuck: Hopefully Rampage.... (Just Joking)... Well it will be a good fight and a huge test for Forrest as this is his first title shot.. it will be a good fight for sure...

    Reporter: Now, I forgot to ask... Would you like to fight Rampage again?

    Chuck: Ofcourse... The first fight... I didnt perform too well.. the second fight... I just got caught, I threw a punch that my trainer did not want me to throw and I got caught.

    Reporter: What was your gameplan in that fight?

    Chuck: My gameplan was to go out there, fasten the pace, And just stay as far back as he will so he would chase me down.. then from there... hopefully knocking him out.. but as you saw.. I didnt get a chance to do that.

    Reporter: Do you think you could knock him out?

    Chuck: Anyone can knock anyone out at any time... its just one lucky punch...

    Reporter: Did you think he would take you down or as we saw him in pride, Powerslaming you?

    Chuck: I was in good enough shape to not have him do that to me... He wouldnt be able to do anything wrestling wise.... I have good wrestling... So basically for me, I just wanted to knock him out.

    Reporter: In 205, Who do you want to fight?

    Chuck: Tito? (ha ha) Well theres Machida out there.... if he can get past Tito then I have a fight with him soon.. theres obviously Keith.. other than that, I dont see anyone who would and could compete with me.

    Reporter: Just Wondering.. Is it a problem with you traveling? We saw a recent interview that your trainer was going to put it for Vegas.

    Chuck: He hates to travel, lol, but for me, its not a problem, I would rather and prefer to fight in the US, but you have to do what you have to do.

    Reporter: We recently saw Shogun doing an Interview, He didnt look too great in shape.... Any thoughts?

    Chuck: Well Hopefully he can get into shape fast.. if Not, it wont be a fight...

    Reporter: Well thanks for taking the time for this long interview.. Good Luck on your fight and looking forward to talking with you soon!

    Chuck: No Problem... Just want to say, head over to MMA Jacked, Theres some great people over there.... Also, We will be doing a Contest either this month or next month.... its just a great place to be.. and make sure to Say Hi to Tony and The jack

    Reporter: Lots to say? lol Well Again, Good Luck, And Speak with you Soon!

    Chuck: No problem, take it easy
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    Thanks for the post. Knock 'em out Chuck!

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    LOL @
    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Liddell
    I just want it to be huger

    Favorite recent dumbass comment:
    Quote Originally Posted by LebenTysonTank
    My opinion is Arlovski is the best HW the world,but Randy stands a chance in a fight with Fedor to,I don't give a fuck what anybody says.

    I still believe in "The Truth"

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    Nice. Rep'ed

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    thanks for posting that. its been a while sense ive read an interview of his.

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    Thanks for posting the interview and it really does raise a good ? on what is next for Chuck if he gets past Shogun. I mean beating 2 high caliber fighters (Wand and Shogun) certainly should make you worthy of a title shot. Some may not like the idea but we may be seeing a Chuck/Rampage 3 if Rampage beats Forrest. Then again Chuck may get a rematch with Jardine. Who knows, time will tell.

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    thanks for sharing

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    Well if he beats Shogun he should fight Jardine. Thats the only logical step really, hes earned his rematch so no one should complain and he doesnt jump infront of any contenders for Page (or Forrest, hopefully Page though :P). And then if he beats Jardine...then lets talk about Rampage/Chuck 3.....Maybe....Maybe

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