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Thread: Mavericks on verge of acquiring Kidd in 7 player deal.

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    deals done J Kidd is with dallas again

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    Damn, Lakers, Phoenix, Dallas, and the Cavs. Major deals that should shake things up considerably. Not to mention the Celtics kickin' ass as well.

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    The Mavs evidently don't think they need size or defense to win in the playoffs. I know it was Kidd's first game but it looked like they needed Devon Harris back when Chris Paul ran wild. Harris probably wouldn't have had almost as many TO's as points. I might be totally wrong, but with guys like Nash, Parker, Paul, etc in the west I don't think they should've down graded defensivly at that position. Kidd is one of the all time great players, but he didn't play any defense in the Atlantic division(probably the worst division in basketball), how is he going to do defensivly in the toughest division in the NBA?

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    ^^^Wrong, Jason Kid is one of the best defensive players in the league. He's leading in steals averaging 3 steals a game. You dont get 3 steals a game against NBA point gaurds not having any defense. Not only that but he's the best rebounding point gaurd in the league averaging also ten a game.

    Yes, he may be leading in turnovers but he's also had the ball in his hand more than anyone else playing about 40 min a game and having to do everything for the team. Score, rebounds, and assists.

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    It takes a while for a point guard to acclimate to a new team. Since the PG is the one who controls the ball for a majority of the game, he has to know all the plays, know his teammates habits and abilities, and establish chemistry. Plus, being at an advanced age doesn't help much either. He'll get better, Kidd will, but I don't think he's enough to push the Mavericks over the top. The Lakers are clearly the favorite in the west, as they have the right combination of size, depth, familiarity, youth, and talent. Watch out for Lakers/Jazz in the Western Conference finals, the Jazz are the ultimate sleeper team right now and they can beat anyone out west.

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    imo the cavs improved their team the most out of all teams who made trades

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    Quote Originally Posted by pa99fighter View Post
    yeah but id blame him if it was he just didnt want to leave the mavericks but he would of had to give up his larry bird right which would get him more money for next season
    Why do you say that? I'd think it would be more honorable if the reasons aren't about money. Wanting to stay with his teammates or not wanting to leave the city where his home is and his family has settled in are very respectable reasons for someone to exercise their no trade clause.

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