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Thread: Never Back Down

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    I was thinking the same thing, but its just a movie and the announcers never said "go out see this movie if you like this movie you will love this movie". Its nothing like the UFC who pimps out Mike Goldberg which keeps plugging shitty movie after shitty movie.

    What also bugs me is all the Army promotion with the UFC, what does the army have to do with MMA? MMA is about hand to hand combat and everyone respects everyone, the army is about killing people with guns, there are no similarities.

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    Some people worry too much about things that are supposedly bad for the sport or could make the sport look bad. I personally think it is going to take more then a shitty movie to make the sport look bad. Plus the people who actually go see this movie and think it's an accurate description of MMA in a movie form are to fucking stupid to worry about anyway.

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    The main issue with this is the fact that some people are dumb enough to believe that sanctioned mma events are just random acts of violence like this piece of shit movie depicts it as being. I'm sure it wont have all that big of an impact on the sport but for all of us who saw and remember the dark days of the UFC we know that were only one pissed off senator away from watching our favorite mma fighters fight in small venues on grainy cam recordings again.

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