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Thread: The MMazzies

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    Default The MMazzies

    I thought it might be funny to do a thread (and I'm sure its been done before, but its the kind of subject matter i dont mind rehashing ) about the dumbest things in the history of MMA. Whether it be actions in the ring, quotes, or out of the ring actions. Like the Razzies, except for MMA =P

    My #1 Favorite dumb quote, and I dont know why but it just never gets old to me, is:

    "He has created his own elite fighting system, called Joe-San-Do, and we will have to see if that comes heavily into play here tonight."

    I dont know why the idea of some fat guy creating his own system despite having no real high level training and then just tacking Do onto the end of his name just makes me roll on the floor but it does. Even moreso after all of the groin shots in the fight

    Feel free to chime in with some of your favorites. =)

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    Pretty much anything Ken Shamrock has said:
    * I am going to beat you into the living death
    * "bitch monkey"

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    "Fedor isn't even top 5" -Dana White..

    I think the whole MMA world was chuckling as they pointed at Dana White.

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    ^ Nice sig Ramma.

    Travis Luther being the MJ of BJJ.

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    I hate to pick on Joe Rogan but " No one in the history of the universe has ever been knocked out with a hammerfist from the bottom" is a classic. Also Shawn Tompkins " Joe Rogan is a douchebag" makes me chuckle each time I hear it too.

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    Frank Trigg: "When throwing with your right hand, your right hip should swing in as well." (while performing the task with his left hand; classic trigg moment.)

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    "you can hear the portiguese comign from his cornermen"
    "thats japanese man.."
    "arent you married to an asain chick?"
    "yes, yes I am"
    "you should know better"

    I died when I watched that live. no one in the room got it but me, mostly becuase it was a boring fucking fight and no one was paying attention but me.

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    "what happened?"

    "you got kicked... by a kick"

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    Here's some of my favorites...

    "I just out jiu-jitsu'ed the best jiu-jitsu guy in the world."
    "I hate jiu-jitsu!"
    “Half of this game is 90% mental.”
    ...Tim Silvia

    “When I be losing I be gettin’ my ass whupped. But when I be winnin’ I be doing the ass whuppin’!”
    “Then I thought ‘I better do somethin’ or else Danny gon’ kick my ass!’ ”
    "Not a lot of people know this...but I got jiu-jitsu!" ...Rampage

    “My diet is like Atkins, but with the carbs.” ...Bj Penn

    “I want to fuck…I want to fight Chuck, fuck Chuck.” ...Wanderlei Silva

    “I don’t know what kind of technique was used there, but there was a lot of kicking and punching.”
    "Don't ever try to tell me that a wrestler can hang with a grappler" ...Jim Brown

    “I fight because I can’t sing, I can’t dance, and it beats working all day. Now ask me a question that doesn’t sound so fucking stupid.” ...Phil Baroni

    “I felt like I was being raped by Freddy Mercury.” ...Tank Abbott

    “He wants to get in close to use that reach advantage.”
    “Looks like Tito is taking a book out of Chuck’s chapter.”
    "Little Eagle soars again!"
    ...Mike Goldberg

    “Are there any Paul Buentello fans out there tonight?”...(followed by dead silence)... "Don’t fear me... (pauses and waves his arms trying to get the crowd pumped...followed by more dead silence)..."fear the consequences.”...Paul Buentello

    “I am very confident this fight can go either way.”
    ”I’ll knock your hair black!”
    "I'll show him, who Ken Shamrock is, was and is now"...Ken Shamrock

    "This is the best bj i’ve seen in awhile"
    “Matt Hamil...he’s completely deaf–he cannot hear at all!”
    “I likes me some Shaft. Oops, that didn’t come out right”
    “Well you see, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelts have a blackbelt in…… Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”
    “A lot of times, you beat a person who beat a person who can beat you.
    I mean, it doesn’t make any sense.”

    “Rampage looks so calm. Like he's going to the grocery store to
    meet some friends.”

    “If Tyson Griffin was a girl, I’d say he has a badonkadonk.” ...Joe Rogan

    “I never lost a fight I didn’t want to lose”...Matt Hughes

    "I am going to go in there and go because I am a go-er!" ...Gray Maynard

    "My last fight in Japan proved that I’m ready to fight anybody with any height advantage, skillset or experience."...Fedor Emelianenko

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    Great list.
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