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Thread: Cung Le

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    Thumbs up Cung Le

    With his upcoming fight with Frank Shamrock IMO we will see if Cung is a legit fighter (IMO he is), but I thought it would cool to get some other people's opinions. Anythoughts about how he'd do in the UFC?
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    Cung Le was a legit fighter before MMA. Whether or not he will be a legit force in MMA is yet to be seen.

    In all honesty, if Frank is actually going to stand with Cung, he is going to lose. Unfortunately, I don't think Cung winning a stand up war with Frank is going to prove much.

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    Yeah Cung Le is a proven legit fighter, but this fight will proven whether he is an MMA contender.
    I think we need a Frank vs A. Silva after this.

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