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Thread: Rep BS

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    Quote Originally Posted by UFC Fann View Post
    IMO needing rep to watch posted mma movies is fukin ridiculous. All of us here are mma fans and should be able to view them !
    U Suck and don't have enough Rep right now, you're lucky you don't get negged for complaining. Contribute to the forums like everyone else and quit being a fucking douchebag leech.

    Favorite recent dumbass comment:
    Quote Originally Posted by LebenTysonTank
    My opinion is Arlovski is the best HW the world,but Randy stands a chance in a fight with Fedor to,I don't give a fuck what anybody says.

    I still believe in "The Truth"

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    Blah, blah, general argument about you leeching ungratefully.

    Man up, or find a new site.


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