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Thread: Stats on the UFC 82 matches

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    Default Stats on the UFC 82 matches

    Total Performance Ratings for UFC 82
    By Rami Genauer/
    Mar 3, 2:32 pm EST

    FightMetric’s Total Performance Rating (TPR) is a statistic used to measure the quality of a fighter’s performance. Scored on a scale between 0-100, TPR provides an easy way to measure and compare performance in any fight, whether 30 seconds or 30 minutes long. Think of TPR for MMA fighters what the NFL’s passer rating is for quarterbacks.

    Full TPR data for the fights on the telecast are included in the linked Flash presentation. For more details on the calculation, click the Explanation button at the top right.

    In the list below, the first number next to the fighter’s name is his TPR. The second number, is the differential between his TPR and his opponent’s TPR. Rating differential is a good measure of how close the fight was.

    Anderson Silva: 89/(+60)
    Chris Leben: 85/(+28)
    Josh Koscheck: 80/(+44)
    Yushin Okami: 74/(+49)
    Alessio Sakara: 57/(+28)
    Cheick Kongo: 54/(+3)
    Jon Fitch: 54/(+21)
    Heath Herring: 51/(-3)
    Dustin Hazelett: 36/(-44)
    Chris Wilson: 34/(-21)
    Dan Henderson: 29/(-60)
    Evan Tanner: 25/(-49)


    Silva’s TPR of 89 is actually an average performance for Silva across his career. That is scary good.

    A testament to his dominance, Silva posted a differential of 60 between his TPR and that of Henderson, the greatest differential among fights on the telecast.

    Though his TPR of 29 is disappointing, Henderson’s offensive effectiveness score of 80 was the highest total an opponent has put up against Silva since his loss to Ryo Chonan more than three years ago.

    Kongo comes away with a higher TPR that Herring despite the loss due to a higher striking accuracy.

    While Herring rightly took the fight 29-28, the total effectiveness scores for both fighters stand at 195, a statistical draw.

    Sakara’s TPR of 57 is the highest TPR of the night for fight losers and is greater than the TPR’s for two of the night’s winners.

    Consistent Okami stays within the middle of the bell curve yet again. He has not posted a TPR higher than 75 or lower than 25 in his time in the octagon.

    A tough return for Tanner, who posts the lowest TPR of fighters on the main card.

    FightMetric is the world’s first comprehensive MMA statistics and analysis system. Visit to learn more about the system and for analysis of MMA’s closest bouts.
    Thought this was cool. Ive always wanted to see a 'stattrack' of MMA fights. I checked out the site FightMetric too, Its way cool and goes very indepth into breaking down the fights. Also if you want to see the simple breakdown on yahoo here's the link it has all the televised bouts.Total Performance Ratings for UFC 82 - MMA - Yahoo! Sports
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    wheres andreis stats?

    it must be that dang dana and rogan conspiring against him!!! lol. jk
    2-1 sig bets.

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