Well i want to talk intelligently about the NFL offseason and evidently that is not possible over in the Raider Fan thread, so here i am.

Who does everyone think are the winners and losers in Free Agency?

Winner-Im going to say the Browns are the are big winners bringing in Williams and Rodgers to sure up the middle and Stallworth to compliment Edwards.

Loser- Would have been the Pats if they had lost Randy also but since that didn't, I would say either the Raiders or Giants. Raiders paying Kelley that much is laughable and then to give Walker that much forget about it. The Giants lost three key defenders but should be able to replenish through the draft.

Who is everyone's team and who would they like to draft?
Im a Skins guy of course and I would love to see a guy like Malcom Kelly drop to us at #21, he is a big receiver who would give us much needed help in the red zone. If not him I would like to see them bring in a big time DE Calasis Campbell,Phillip Merling and Derrick Harvery are the three that come too mind with Campbell being my preference out of the three.

What do you think about your team's offseason thus far?
Slowest offseason in memory for the skins, glad they arent going overboard again this year but damn do someting. Really hoping they still make a move to bring in a big time receiver like Chad Johnson,Roy Williams or Larry Fitzgerald but thats not likey. DJ Hackett is probably the best WR left on the open market, he has alot of potential but the injuries scare me.

So what do you guy think??