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Thread: Groin Protectors and Protective Cups

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcdev88 View Post
    i never used on until about 2 months ago i did an arm bar off my back with my opponent standing. i crushed my right ball and it burned and was excrutiating. needless to say i began to wear a cup all the time after that.
    basically the same reason to why i bought one. hahaha.

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    ok so i said the other day how about 2 months ago i started using a cup all the time. the other day i decided that i didnt need it just to roll.

    bad choice. me and a training partner were drilling i he was in my guard, i kicked him backwards to try and stand up, he immidietly came flying back in to put pressure on me and stop me from getting up. his knee hit below my balls on like the part of my weiner under the skin. i almost started crying it hurt so bad. i couldnt even speak, i didnt yell or anything i just gasp.

    i put my cup on and dont plan on ever taking it off again.
    2-1 sig bets.

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    Yeah, one of the smartest investments haha. It will take away the fear you may have, as getting hit once may make you subconsciously reluctant to go all out.

    The Shock Doctor flex cup with supporter is amazing guys. Flexible and provides excellent protection. You can always take the cup out and put it into an under armour compression short with cup insert or something.

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    i also use the steel cup. my jock is like the compression shorts, only more like briefs. my jock actually looks like a pair of whitey tighteys..picked it up at wal mart but it's uncomfortable as hell. i have some compression shorts that i used for baseball that i use sometimes in bjj, but they are uncomfortable too.

    as far as cups go, the steel cup is the way to go

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    i need one of that

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    I used the Bike one I got at Dick's Sporting Goods. Works for me.

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    " I use a Cast Iron frying pan and duct Tape, and of course filled with baby powder"

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