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Thread: Andy Lee/Brian Vera rematch in July?

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    Default Andy Lee/Brian Vera rematch in July?


    Lee-Vera rematch?
    Fans, critics and Steward demand Part II!
    Fan and industry reaction has been overwhelming supportive to reports of a rematch of the early “Fight of the Year” candidate between the Irish middleweight prospect Andy Lee (15-1, 12 KOs) and The Contender's Brian Vera (16-1, 10 KOs) that occurred March 21st when Vera scored a totally unexpected seventh round TKO over the previously unbeaten Lee. "This could be the beginning of a great series,” commented legendary trainer Emanuel Steward who was in the corner of Lee.

    Lee showed superior speed and skills throughout the high-pitched battle - televised live by ESPN2 Friday Night Fights - while Vera's heart, chin and determination gradually wore down the Irishman from Limerick, Ireland. Lee, who had been hyped as the future of the middleweight division, looked like he would have a short night when he dropped Vera in the opening stanza. The game Vera, however, came back to hurt Lee in round two and showed an incredible ability to take a punch as he literally wore down Lee with his tenacity. The fight was slugfest as the southpaw Lee landed hard left hands and Vera retaliated with his thudding rights. Lee suffered a cut on his right eye in round four that continued to run red during the bout. In round seven, Vera had unloaded a barrage of shots and Lee was fighting back when referee Tony Chiarantano suddenly stopped the action at 2:17 of the round. The crowd of 3,600-plus at the Mohegan Sun loudly booed the seemingly premature stoppage.
    "I would like to congratulate Vera on a great fight," said Steward. “Andy was enjoying himself in the first two rounds. Brian was able to work the inside better than Andy. Andy was landing the cleaner punches but Brian got Andy to working more than we anticipated.” Steward had no objection to the stoppage except to comment: “I thought it was bad timing in the way that Andy landed the last punch.” The trainer of dozens of champions and the respected HBO analyst observed, "This could be the beginning of a great series. Boxing has been giving fans some great fights lately and Lee-Vera II is one that must be made." Promoter Lisa Elovich of Pugnacious Promotion - who promoted the first Vera-Lee matchup - would like to present the Vera vs. Lee rematch on her July 25th ESPN2 FNF date, which is the annual "Future Night of Champions" at the Saratoga Springs City Center in Saratoga Springs, New York. "The first fight was a 'Fight of the Year' candidate and no doubt the rematch will be just as intense," said Elovich. "It's the right thing to do and it would be good for boxing!

    Hope this happens.

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    Yeah I didn't like the stoppage the first time, be good to see it again.

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    I didn't like the stoppage either. Lee probably gets his W back in the rematch, hopefully viciously. All he needs to do is learn how to tie up and fight on the inside much better, because he can't stay on the outside forever against someone as determined as Vera.

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