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    Default Badr Hari Interview

    HE'S brash, outspoken and supremely talented. And he's planning to do a number on veteran Ray Sefo in Yokohama on April 13.

    Amsterdam's's K-1 heavyweight champion Badr Hari, 23, sat down for a one-to-one exclusive with

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: Looking forward to the Sefo fight, Badr?

    HARI: It's a big fight. I know where I stand but a lot of people still maybe doubt me a little bit.

    Because I haven't fought so many of the big guys yet. I don't think there are that many big guys in the K-1 but I'm looking forward to fighting him and showing everybody that it is a new time for a new generation.

    Sefo had a very bad year but that's fighting, sometimes you have a good year, sometimes you have a bad year, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

    But that doesn't say a lot about a fighter, maybe in his next match he will be sharp and strong again. I've just got to stay focused and not make the mistake to think that he is finished.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: You're not paying too much attention to the fact he lost his last three fights then?

    HARI: I'm not reading too much into his last defeats. I'm training hard and focusing on my own things and preparing for my hardest fight ever.

    It can only get easier if you think it will be very hard.

    I'm just hoping to knock somebody out again, that's what people pay for - they like knockouts, they don't like points and boring fights so I just have to knock Ray Sefo out.

    And if I don't knock him out I will outclass him, so I'm just ready.

    I think the audience expects fireworks and that's what you have to give them. That's why they buy a ticket and come and watch you so I think you owe them that.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: You've already won by some of the most spectacular knockouts in K-1 history.

    HARI: Yeah, but I'm only just starting! It's just the beginning and I'm looking forward to the future.

    I'm still very young so I think there will be a lot more knockouts and a lot of things happening in the future, just wait and see.

    FIGHNEWZ.NET: Are you in a hurry to win the K-1 Grand Prix?

    HARI: No, but of course if I can win a title today, better today than tomorrow, but I've already got one so we are looking to the future.

    I think my main asset in this business is that I'm the youngest around so I've got time on my side. I'm not in a hurry but if I can win today better than tomorrow.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: How convinced are you that you can dominate K-1 in the long-term?

    HARI: I think in the long-term I will for sure. A lot of people already know that I'm coming and I'm already up there at the age of 23 and not a lot of guys are doing the same.

    So I in another couple of years I think I will be the only one dominating the sport because at the moment I don't see a lot of big talents coming up in the heavyweight category.

    I hope to get some good competition in the future. For me the better the fighters the better the fight.

    I hope to do more. It's a great thing to look forward to, we always want more but this is only the beginning and we will see what the future brings.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: What do you consider your most satisfying victory so far?

    HARI: It's difficult to say because when you win a fight you are pleased but when you win the next fight you are even more pleased.

    It's how you train and how you look forward to a fight and the emotional side of a fight. I'm very happy with every fight I win and sometimes I'm happy if I lose a fight.

    Because sometimes when you lose you win more. You get stronger, you think different and maybe you train harder.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: You seem to be more composed in the ring now and fighting with less emotion.

    HARI: Yeah, you get a little bit older and a little bit more experienced.

    A lot of things happened in my career, I got knocked out, I've won, I've lost so you grow up and develop in a positive way.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: How much did getting your jaw broken by Peter Graham in New Zealand a couple of years ago re-focus you?

    HARI: Before that I was just joking, I didn't think fighting was this serious.

    I was just joking, I didn't train, I was just a fighter and I fought everybody. You could call me the day before and I would fight.

    After I broke my jaw I knew how serious fighting was because I got some serious damage.

    It was broken in two places and I thought: 'You know what, this isn't going to happen again'. It was a point in my career that made me focus.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: Like Ricky Hatton says, it's not a tickling contest!

    HARI: I actually watch his fights a lot. I saw his last fight against Floyd Mayweather and he was outclassed a lot.

    But he has got a lot of character, he is a fighter, he is not some pretty boy, he is a real brawler.

    I respect people like him, he is a real fighter and I like the fact that he has stayed normal.

    At the moment he is one of my favourites because he is just a very good fighter.

    He has got his own skills and Mayweather is maybe the best pound for pound in the world. He is from another planet, he did a great job against Hatton.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: How did the Graham knockout affect you mentally?

    HARI: I was very emotional in a lot of ways after that.

    I wasn't depressed but I was very dissatisfied. But I didn't keep it long in my head. I picked up the gloves and started training again and I was ready for my next fight.

    It took a long time, almost a year, to get me back in shape again, but I got back in shape and I started fighting and winning and you see how things can change. I think it's the only way to survive in this sport.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: A lot of the current K-1 fighters seem to be coming towards their retirement.

    HARI: I hope I get a lot of fighters coming up in future because we need them. At this moment I don't see a lot worldwide, maybe because I'm concentrating on myself.

    I hear some things but at this moment I don't see some guys who can be dangerous for me in the future.

    But it's no problem for me, maybe I'm just better than them.
    But fighters can develop, maybe in two years they will be better than now. A lot of things can happen, I'm just looking forward and I'm ready for everybody.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: You criticise and trash talk your opponents a lot, why do you do that?

    HARI: Because I want to get under their skin. Because if you fight with emotion it's not a good council.

    It makes you do stupid things so if I make them emotional and they fight with emotion it's not the best tactic to begin a fight with. You fight with your mind and then with your heart.

    It's nothing personal, it's always business in this industry. I don't have anything personal against my opponents, I like to shake their hand after the fight. But before the fight I don't think there is room for being friends.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: You don't seem to like former double K-1 champion Remy Bonjasky much.

    HARI: Remy is a different kind of story. He is too made, they made him champion. I'm just being myself, I say what I think and I don't think before I say something.

    I don't like people who think before they say something, just say it. If people think I'm a stupid guy just say I'm stupid. I don't respect that and I think he is one of those guys.

    I'm being myself and if people like it and they buy tickets it's my grace that it works.

    But it's not my tactic or something, good fights sell good tickets, not good words.

    I think if you are a good fighter people come and watch and if you aren't a good fighter you can say what you want but they won't come and watch.

    I talk a lot of things so I have to back it up and I train hard.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: You are already a big name in Japan.

    HARI: People like me a lot in Japan. A few nice knockouts and good fights can make you a favourite there.

    It's different there than Europe and the States. It's a little bit like England, if the fans are behind you they are behind you.

    You saw it with Hatton against Mayweather. He lost in the ninth round but everyone was still screaming for him.

    They are just the same in Japan, you can lose but that's no problem. If you are a good fighter you get respect and they stay behind you. It's a good thing to have.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: You lost your last fight controversially on points to Bonjasky at the last Grand Prix. What did you think of the decision?

    HARI: Maybe it was a close fight but the judges made a bad decision. It's up to me to respect that. I could say a lot of things about it but I just let the viewers choose.

    FIGHTNEWZ.NET: You took it very well, there was a time when you would have probably freaked out about it.

    HARI: There was a time when I would have freaked out. Of course, a lot of people know that and a lot of people maybe expected that but that's not what happened.

    I think there were a lot of aspects that made that decision for the judges. Fighting at that stage is not just about fighting, it's also a little bit political and we had a very political week that week.

    They did their things so I knew if I didn't knock him out they would do that.
    I was waiting for that so after the third round I was waiting for it. They gave the first round to him - crazy.

    But I said: 'It's okay, I did my best'. I broke my left hand in that fight in the second round and kept on fighting and did my best.

    They made me lose but for me it's no problem. I would rather be a winner for the audience than with the judges.

    That's the most important thing for me but maybe in the future there will be a rematch.

    I will be ready but I think that's also part of your job, you accept things that happen.

    He didn't surprise me, he wasn't strong or something. He had a good defence but I broke my hand on his head.

    His defence was very good but he didn't look like he wanted to fight, he was playing for sure.

    He didn't want to brawl but it was still a good fight, one of the better fights that night, so I'm still satisfied.
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    very dedicated fighter.

    Gegard Mousasi- 25-2-1

    "However great the kindness and the efficiency, in every hospital death there will be some cruel, squalid detail, something perhaps too small to be told but leaving terribly painful memories behind, arising out of the haste, the crowding, the impersonality of a place where every day people are dying among strangers"

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    He's kinda right about Bonjasky, that guy has been on the good end of a lot of decisions/opponents.

  4. Default Good respond

    I really think Badr Hari is not only my best fighter in K1, but he is also a good speaker. I really liked how he replied when he had a question bout Bonjasky, nd I really think it is a true nd correct one

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