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Thread: GSP Talks Win and Possible Move to Middleweight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirko45 View Post
    If I had my pick of champ vs champ fights I'd say GSP/BJ II, would probably be a lot more competetive. GSP standing with Silva = bad news bears
    I agree, but what makes you think for a second that Georges would stand with Silva? That fight would hit the ground faster than Bo Cantrell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jokerthief View Post
    I don't think he'd have to wait around necessarily. Here's one scenario: GSP decides he wants to take a break and only fights once more this year. He fights Fitch in October or November and wins. Serra beats Hughes and the UFC makes Serra and GSP coaches for TUF 9. They fight in July of 09 and GSP wins. During this time period, Penn beat Sherk and two or three other LWs. He decides to move up to WW and the UFC gives him a title shot. Penn vs GSP goes down in October with a victorious GSP. Thiago Alves keeps winning and earns a title shot. Fight happens January 2010, GSP wins. Diego Sanches goes on an unbeaten streak and beats Fitch in a remath, gets title shot -- they fight in May of 2010.

    That is one reasonable scenario that takes us two years into the future. At that point there could be two or three more guys who could pop up that could occupy GSP for another year. During that year another fighter could come pop up. That gives GSP 7-9 credible defenses.
    lol! Way to work that out! Rep'd!

    That is a possible scenario and reasonable one, I don't think that will happen, but possible none the less.

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    i say fight bj penn before he fights anderson silva? gsp would get destroyed by silva i think. a fight w/ penn would be much closer.

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    I think GSP vs Fitch will be a good fight. But GSP vs Silva will be a disaster for GSP.

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    Wouldn't this have been neat?
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