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Thread: Is The Ultimate Fighter Talent Pool Drying Up?

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    Default Is The Ultimate Fighter Talent Pool Drying Up?

    When I first heard that Rampage and Forrest were going to be the coaches for TUF 7, I couldn't wait for the new season to start. I was excited because I knew these 2 were going to make this the best season ever. The first 2 episodes were great, packed full of great fights. Then I couldn't wait for episode 3 because that's where they picked teams and went into the house. Nothing really eventful or worth watching ever happened. So last night, I'm watching episode 4, and I got bored. Never before have I gotten bored watching TUF. I have went back and watched all 6 of the previous seasons on dvd back to back and never gotten bored but last night I was bored to tears. How can this be? 2 of my favorite fighters are coaches and they are extremely funny but the show's a snoozer. Now don't get me wrong, the fights have been good. Last night's fight when it finally got started was pretty good. The thing is, the fights are only a small percentage of the show. Then I was looking at some of the fighters records and noticed there are ALOT of MEDIOCRE records present on this season. Remember in the past you had guys like Diego, Rashad, Koscheck, Leben, Swick, etc. who came in either undefeated or with very few losses on their records. Now you've got guys at 4-4 or I even saw one at 4-5 fighting on the Ultimate Fighter show. I know Cory Hill got onto TUF 5 by lying about his record but you have this snot nosed kid Miller who's got 1 fight on his record and he's in the house, talking all sorts of trash to fighters, who lives with his mom, is very immature, getting 30 or more minutes of screentime and then he gets submitted. Is the TUF talent pool drying up? Is this the worse season so far? I know Rampage and Forrest are good when they are on screen but it isn't enough to save it. Just my opinion. What does everyone else think?

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    In other words, THERE WAS NO DRAMA.

    I agree with all your points. I think TUF should use more of Rampage personality... he's funny!

    UFC talent is running short... sooner than later, co-promotion will expand UFC/MMA interest!
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    Well, I think soon there'll be an expanding talent pool, I think to some effect the success of the show is encouraging more people to start training, to which end soon there'll be more fighters. It may come 4/5 years after a person started watching, but I think soon you'll see a lot of young fighters using the show as an opportunity to learn and get their first fights.
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    When they go back to the two weight class format the talent won't be spread as thin. You will see higher caliber guys again. And there is no shortage of fighters out there. if you can fight, they will find you.

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    I think the big problem is that there are other orgs now for fighters and some of them have signed contracts with them. Any guy who is lets say 8-0 would make a great addition to TUF, but would also make a good addition to EliteXC, Strikeforce, IFL, etc. My guess is the application specifically states that you cannot have another contract with another company by the time filming starts and as such, some fighters aren't able to get on the show. Just a guess as to why there have been some lackluster records and/or guys with 1 fight on this season.


    Its because the MW division really is weak everywhere, not just in the UFC.
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    I also was really bored as I stated before. I am really surprised this season is going down so fast. I don't think I watched even the whole show I was on the internet while watching. I want the dual weightclasses back also hell I want to be on the show and since season two there have been no heavyweights.

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