After reading the general opinion about this seasons TUF.. everyone seems to think that the talent level is awful, and that the seasons have been boring.. and no ones really liking this season so far..

I disagree with the majority of what has been said.. and I made a thread about it cuz I dont want this to get lost in the many threads there are now.. kinda want to get a more organized conversation about TUF going right now..

anyways, people seem to think that Rampage has been a bad coach or has no business really coaching.. well heres my opinion.. outside of BJ and Serra.. none of the guys who have been coaches for TUF.. were coaches before hand.. nor do they even wanna be coaches.. so they should be cut some sort of slack.. but in all seriousness.. I dont see how Rampage is doing a bad job..

Look at Brandon Sene.. his fight before the show.. he didnt look that good, I thought he'd be one of the worse of the picks.. Dante was viewed as one of the best, he went out and dominated.. look at what kind of hell Sene gave Dante.. that has to be a testament to Rampage's coaching.

Forrest is doing a damn good job too.. but you cant judge coaching on how many fights a coach has won.. theres limited time to train or rehab or anything on these shows.. the only way to really judge how good a coach is doing is by that short-term improvement.. and Brandon Sene is a good example of Rampage's coaching so far.. the only people that are really doing any coaching is the people Forrest and Quinton bring in.. Forrest and Quinton are like your head coaches on an NFL team.. they motivate the players, get them ready, tell them what they have to do.. the guys they bring in are doin the teaching.. there like the coordinators.. they drill technique, etc.. and its still up to the players to listen, and go out and perform.

As far as this season being boring.. im definently alone on this one.. I feel like this has been the best season since season 1.. just because theres anticipation for next week's episode.. Jeremy May makes things interesting.. so does Rampage and Forrest.. I will admit.. I do like watching reality TV and that reality TV aspect of this season is what keeps me tuned in but aside from that I feel like this season has had the best fights so far! and will continue to put on even better fights.

As far as the talent is concerned, I mos def disagree here... Last season had a low level of talent.. you had only Mac Danzig..

This season you got about 4 or 5 Mac Danzig's.. id put money on Gerald Harris, CB Dolloway, Amir Sadolah, and Jesse Taylor as either close to or on Mac's level.. and theres a lot of guys who are 2-0.. 1-0.. just generally unproven that could become something as well

so far this season has been the equievelant to Season 1.. the talent is what it should be.. you shouldnt have seasoned guys on there like Mac Danzing, or Joe Stevenson.. Diego Sanchez.. etc.. you should have unproven, young guys who can be groomed into good fighters.. not fighters that are already good and are just using TUF to get into the UFC IE: Michael Bisping.