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Thread: What do you think is is wrong with the snowman's game plan?

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    i said he's next in line after AA.I don't think he'll fight Sylvia for the HW title ,but rather AA.

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    I think AA / Monson would be an awesome fight. AA has an impressive background in Sambo, and Monson being the Abu-Dhabi champion. Any thought on who you'd rather see win?

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    Naw...but anybody know anything more about this guy Anthony Perosh the snowman is fighting at ufc 61?

    As far as I can tell he has a 5-1-0 record and he is an australian jui-jitsu submission style fighter...I guess.

    The guy better train hard and eat a big lunch...monson's pretty hungry for the UFC HW title and has had plenty of time to heal, train and prepare....and has way more experience.

    Plus since monson hooked up with ATT...he has been tearing up anyone he gets matched up with for a while.

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    like everyone said...monson's height is a bitch...he had trouble boxing with mauricio cruz becuase of his reach, and cruz is not a striker....arlovski or sylvia would have no problem using their does everyone feel branden lee hinkle will do at 205 instead of hwt?

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