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Thread: Cung Le Plotting UFC Return, Says He Still Has Some Fights Left in Him

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    Default Cung Le Plotting UFC Return, Says He Still Has Some Fights Left in Him

    I feel like Ive still got some fights left in me, so Im not going to retire right away, Le told I felt like a performance like that and I know some people were saying I was starting slow, its like hello its a five-round fight, Im going to pace myself, but at the same time I know when to explode and I know when to pace myself.
    Im going to make sure I heal right this time because I think getting into Macao after hurting my foot really bad, and I did have some elbow problems leading up to that fight. Im just glad I got two big wins in the UFC, and as soon as I heal up I think Im going to be gearing up again, Le stated.

    There is no specific timeline for Les next fight in the UFC, but hes definitely coming back and there are plenty of middleweights that could welcome him when he returns.

    It takes a little bit longer to heal. Im 40 years old, Le joked. But I want to make a proper rehab and well take it from there.

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    Le vs Lombard could be interesting..

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    I like the Le/Lombard fight but I think he wants to work towards a title whereas Le is probably going to focus on exciting and money fights. If Vitor loses to Bisping, then a Le/Vitor fight could be a lot of fun, a great co-main, and makes some sense.
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    Ugh I wish Leben would have won that fight. I would love to see him vs Le, vs Lombard. Oh well still good fights for him. I wouldnt mind a Le vs Belcher.

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    I think Le/Leben makes a lot of sense. Hell, even Lee/Lombard could headline an international Fuel card, if Lombard loses to Okami.
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    Too bad Akiyama went down to WW, Le vs. Akiyama would have been explosive.
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    TBH, I think Le should retire on that win. It was a great win, but it was one veteran at the end of his career fighting another veteran at the end of his career.
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    Lots of potential fights for Leben.

    Frank Shamrock is the same age and doesn't have his braces on anymore...

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    Bisbing after he rehabs a severe concussion.
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