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    Default PPV Pick em rules and standings

    Pick winner of fight-1 point
    Pick way of victory- 2 point
    Pick round- 2 point
    Fight of the night-4 points
    KO of the night-4points
    Sub of the night-4points

    TKO and KO will be counted as one.

    Standings based on points.

    If a fight is changed and you don't change your pick you will stick with your pick. Example, fighter withdraws with injury and is replaced and you have the injured fighter picked you lose.

    In order to get points for round and method of victory you must get pick the winner of fight. Example, you pick Randy to TKO Brock in the second round. Brock TKOs Randy in the second, you get 0 points.

    Picking will stop at noon the day of PPV any edits done after that and you will forfeit all picks.
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