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    I've been lifting and using supplements for 10 years... After all the years of BS, and spending way too much money on supplements, I've narrowed it down to the following:
    Micronized Creatine 10 grams daily
    Beta alanine 6-8 grams daily
    Whey protein isolate 1- 1.5g daily per pound of bodyweight
    Fish oil 15-20 caps per day
    A multivitamin

    Costs me about $40 per month, and the gains are comparable to when I was spending $200-300 per month on supplements..
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    Default Supplements

    Hey guys Im new to the forum and having been working out hard for about 6 months to get in a good shape to start training in mma at a local gym by my house in january. I don't use any supplements but someone was saying that I should atleast get a good multivitamin and protein powder. I'm pretty much just wondering what yous think or can you give me some advice?

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    What kind of workouts are you doing? YOu do not need protein powder if you comsume enough meat and fish ie chicken, beef, tuna, salmon. A multivitamin is always good. Cant really help you without knowing what you are doing tho.

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    gee, thanks Yuk-Shee
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    Bcaa are key

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    Glutamine and a good joint supp has always done wonders for my recovery process! ministry page crazy low prices on gear! $8 T's!
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    Default best supplement

    i have to agree Dimethylamylamine is crazy good. i found with doing some research that there are potential side effects with some users. a supplement that contains a replacement for that has no known side effects in it and a bunch of other stuff that boosts energy, focus mental clarity, reaction time and stamina... its called elite mind and body or eliteMB. the website is and the shit is crazy good... i love the stuff everyone i know who trains and fights takes it..

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    Has anyone ever tried atro phex by bsn?

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    As of right now i use steal tacos with sour cream and cheese. lol with krill oil

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    Default Howdy to the complete forum!!

    Hi boys and girls,

    Sorry for submitting this topic in the this section but I only wanted to say hello and didn't know where to post the thread ... ? My buddys call me Bronson because they say I look like Charles Bronson. I really like MMA News. The people here are friendly and the forum offers tons of information. Till now I have only read topics but I plan to participate from now on.

    Adios from your buddy Bronson!

    Edit: Thx for the warm welcome!
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