Chris Maul (you know him as Mauladala) sat down with Seth Petruzelli and got him to open up about many things like the possibility of a Fighters Union, "Standgate," the Shaws, and more.

CM: Do you think your post fight comments that eventually led to what we now know as “Standgate” were taken out of context?

SP: Yes, very much so. I meant to say they paid me to take him to the ground, (laughs) joking, but it was all a mistake. It was a KO bonus.

CM: What is your opinion of how Gary and Jared Shaw ran the company?

SP: They gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, I’m in their debt. Even if they didn't think I was going to win.
CM: Ok, one more touchy issue. Do you feel fighters should unionize? If yes, how would that help protect the fighters? If no, could you explain why?

SP: YES! I wish I had the time to organize something like that... We are the toughest working athletes in the world, we should get paid for it.
Other topics include Seth's thoughts on:

-Rashad Evans
-The Kimbo Slice boxing machine
-Knees and kicks to a downed opponent
-His one-footed KO if Kimbo

and more.

THEMMAFiend - Seth Petruzelli Talks Contract Status, “Standgate,” The Shaws, And More