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Thread: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua: “I’m still the same fighter I was in the past”

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheKidInside View Post
    oh and for the record, one of shogun's kicks to the ribs will hurt more than his kicks to the head, ribs snap when they break.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leedogg900 View Post
    heres my opinion.

    rampage's standup has improved drastically since his fought shogun. overeem lost to a lot of people and always looked bad at 205 after the 3 minute mark. its not very hard to submit randleman and personally i just dont think lil nog, arona or randleman are top lhw fighters. they were at the time but times are changing and the new breed of fighters at 205 now.

    the ufc is at a hole nother level then pride 205 was imo. guys like rashad, the new and improved rampage, forrest has improved a ton, machida, thiago silva, luiz cane etc..

    shogun will not have the same success as he did in pride mark my words. with the division as stacked as it is i doubt anyone will be able to be dominant in the divsion except maybe machida [imo].

    well see who shogun gets matched up with but i dont think well ever see ufc gold around shoguns waste.

    and yes he cant use his main tool of stompnig peoples heads like he did in pride.
    Agreed, I think when people say that shogun wont be as dominant in the UFC as he was in pride it isnt neccesarily a shot at him. It is just that there is so much talent in the lhw div right now that i honestly cant see anyone dominating and staying on top for very long.
    There are just too many good fights out there. Rampage,Rashad,Forrest,Chuck,Wandy,Jardine Machida, Silva possibly Hendo, Franklin. It would be nice to see Rua take the title but it would be a tough road and even if he gets there hangin on to it is just as tough.

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    Coleman's gonna destroy Rua. The Hammer will be back for one more run.

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    Personally I think Rua's stand-up is the least dangerous of all his tools,hes actually got some decent takedown ability & takedown D,his G'n'P is vicious,he uses his BJJ to stay in control & good position on top & has some really slick subs from the bottom.Im not saying hes not dangerous on his feet,of course he is but I think its a testament to how well rounded he is when you consider how effective he is everywhere else too.

    Like some of you guys have already stated,if Shogun has his cardio right hes gonna be a handful & a very real threat to the rest of the fighters in that division.I just hope that he has a bit of good luck on his side,surely hes used up his share of bad luck in the last 2 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyMoore View Post
    You ever notice that when a fighter makes a statement like "I'm still the same fighter" or "I'm gonna come back stronger than ever" or "I've been working hard in the gym, and I'm gonna surprise everyone in my next fight!" it rarely works out that way? This seems especially true when that fighter has come to the UFC from Pride. Dont get me wrong, I loved Pride, but the transition does seem to be a difficult one.

    I hope Shogun makes me eat my words. He was always one of the most exciting fighters to watch. But historically, when fighters make this kind of statement, it doesnt turn out well for them.

    On a completely unrelated note, with Anderson, Wanderlei, Shogun, and Ninja all residing in Curitiba Brazil at one point, note to self: NEVER go looking for a fight in Curitiba.

    It seems like the Pride guys have done well.

    Nog - Won UFC belt
    Rampage - Won UFC belt
    Silva - Won UFC belt

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    I am also really hoping to see a dedicated 100% shogun and what he can do. And especially after wacthing countdown and re-realizing how big of a blind idiot coleman is i hope shogun destroys him.
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