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    Default Penn interview Notes

    They are asking lots of tough questions believe it or not...


    BJ basically said he got his ass handed to him.

    He said his plan was to conserve himself the first round and go at GSP in the later rounds. He was trying to figure out how GSP would attack him with takedowns.

    He also says he doesn't remember much after the 2nd round. Said he got his ass handed to him that round. His weight entering the fight was 172-173. He said if he did say he quit he doesn't remember it. His corner stopped the fight and he was ok with that. He hasn't watched the fight, didn't want to see himself taking that many punches so soon.

    Talked about Prime Time and said he didn't really talk that much trash. The UFC said they were going to make this into a De La Hoya vs. Mayweather and he had the Mayweather role. He said he said a lot more positive things but they only used negative. He would do Prime Time again to promote a big fight though. Said he regrets the comments towards GSP's trainer and all the swearing.

    Grease Gate

    BJ said he was tipped off that GSP might be greasing for the fight. BJ's coach was pissed off that GSP might be doing it. His coach told the commission that GSP might be greasing before the fight.

    He was upset that the NSAC didn't come across and tell his corner during the fight that GSP's corner was caught. BJ mentioned Jason Mayhem Millers comments about grabbing the back of GSP's head and said he couldn't do it. Implying the back of the head was greased? Makes sense...we were all thinking it was the back that was the problem.

    BJ makes some comedy about not being a professional greaser. Sounds arrogant to read it in a sentence but I laughed.

    Talked about passing the guard and how nobody has really passed his guard like that.

    Mentions that he didn't say anyone else cheated during his losses. Talks about his excuses, the Hughes fight and the ribs. Hughes defended his submissions so he can't really say anything.

    If GSP is found guilty he has lost all respect for him. He is going to let the commission do their thing though. He is going to start preparing for his next fight and he needs to win it. He says he would love a rematch. He is a fan of all the fighters and he isn't out there to bring someone down. If you are the best for beating him then you are the best. Mentions Matt Hughes being one of the greatest ever. He says he would take an immediate rematch with GSP.

    Says Dana has a company to run so it may not happen like he wants. Understands how Dana is staying out of it. They talk about the latest UFC and the new UFC corner rules and vaseline. Says he was glad to be the guy to take 1000 punches for that rule to be put in...HAHA.

    *break* going to be chat room questions coming

    Ok back to the interview...did I mention I hate typing.

    They talk about if he won the GSP fight he might retire. He said it would have been a good option but doesn't think he would have did it. He is back and joked that he is going to be stuck here for 10 years.

    Negotiations in place right now to defend the LW title vs. KenFlo. Kenny has trained with BJ and he knows him pretty well. He was surprised that Kenny wanted to kill him hahaha. Said its business and we have a fight. It is surprising that Kenny is training with GSP now because.....get ready...


    Says Kenny is well rounded and not a push over.

    Back to GSP...
    Said he was in great shape, didn't drink any alcohol for 6 months. Says in shape was not the reason he lost. Said if he wasn't in shape he would have been finished a lot earlier.

    Talks about his camp and the thought that he should change it. He says no, but he does need to bring in more guys. Said Kenny has a big head, jokingly. He isn't making any major changes to his core camp people though. Said that now might be a good time to try other camps though for a little bit, said he would go anywhere. Contradicting answers but the interviewer was putting him in a different direction.

    Interviewer mentions the era of the super athlete and if BJ should change it up. BJ doesn't think so, he is doing lots of strength and conditioning. Says Brock Lesnar is a freak.

    Chat room questions now....

    GSP fan: Who stopped the fight?
    After BJ came to...and realized what was going he said his boxing coach told him he called the fight

    GSP's improvements this fight?
    Says it was really the same fighter, didn't want to belittle GSP but he doesn't know. Safe to say BJ got his butt kicked, his words.

    Eddie Bravo's comments and rubberguard?
    BJ says he was using the rubberguard a lot before the fight and was talking with Bravo alot but didn't get the chance to use it during the fight. BJ believes the rubber guard works though. Works well with his flexibility

    Shout out to the Iraq troops and thanks them.

    Would he fight Kid Yamamoto(sp)?
    Not on his radar right now. Different weight class, has trained with him though. Wouldn't challenge him to a fight though.

    They talk about upcoming fights zzzzz nothing exciting...said he will be there when they all fight.

    Biggest thing he learned from the last fight?
    Doesn't really know yet but as time goes by he might find something. Mentions how he got his butt kicked again

    Thoughts on Aoki?
    Very good fighter, very good submission. Would be a great fight, doesn't think he would come to UFC though. Jokes about Vaseline again. Says he couldn't wear the tights they wear in Japan LOL

    Back from break again....more questions from chat room

    They talk about Canadian fans and how the interviewer thinks he has more fans in Canada then Hawaii.

    Eric Paulson(sp?) and Greg Nelson would he train with them?
    yeah for sure, says he might learn some things

    Machida, says he fought him before, what does BJ think of him?
    Said Machida has a good shot at being the champ and he wouldnt mind seeing him knock Evans out

    Would he fight Dana white?
    He thinks Dana would actually show up. Says the relationship is great and enjoys hanging out with him

    Wrapping it up...thanks the host and all the people online...
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    Interviewer asks Penn where he would put the vasoline if he were to grease...
    probably my elbows and ankles...I'm not a professional greaser I don't know (laughs out loud)
    He talks about aoki-
    how would aoki submit me if I had vasoline on my neck and back LOL
    that shit was too funny

    It's obvious Penn thinks the Vaseline made a big difference in the fight and it sounds like he really wants a rematch...
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    He's really big on the grease shit. He shouldn't lose respect for GSP if he gets in trouble because it's not like GSP put the vaseline on himself. Besides I don't think the vaseline crap was intentional because after seeing replays of it you can see the weird motions his corner does to his eyes, shoulders, and back in a circular motion. I'm glad Penn admitted talkin all that crap bout GSPs camp was stupid. I just hope this whole thing is over with.

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    Thanks for the notes

    I'd like to see Kid/Penn, not that big a weight difference, well for BJ anyway.

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    The guy's fights are so fun to watch, he'll fight anyone, he's funny, and he has a great website for his fans. I really don't understand how you cannot like BJ Penn.

    Here we go...
    The Alabama Crimson Tide

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    This sounds like it was a real hip interview, BJ redeems himself for build-up to the fight with some of this I think. Sounds apologetic and like a guy that was just selling a fight.

    Good to see BJ talking again.

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    Good interview. Maybe this will shed some light on a few things. I can't wait to see him fight again. Maybe a loss in this way will make him a better fighter...if so, LW watch out!!
    Favorite UFC Fighters:

    HW-Cigano, Frank Mir, Cain Valasquez
    LHW-Machida, Franklin, Jon Jones
    MW-Maia, Gouveia, Anderson
    WW-GSP, Hazelett ,Diaz
    LW-BJ Penn, Huerta, Lauzon

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    Ya this fight reminds him that he is mortal, i hope he comes back better than ever!! He needs to stay 155 though...

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    Penn talks alot of crap but from time to time he can say some interesting things.

    Not sure I believe him when he says that if he were out of shape that he would have been finished earlier. He comes across as being a very tough fighter both mentally and physically.

    I can't wait to see his fight with Florian.

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    Is it just me or is Penn trying to cause shit between Florian, and GSP?
    Penn's asshole ways always seen to shine through even when he tries playing the good guy.
    Talk is cheap when fists are flyin...

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