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Thread: Diego sanchez drop to 155 not permanent

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    Quote Originally Posted by eargue View Post
    seems like you aren't understanding what is happening. Diego isn't an unproven fighter barely entering the UFC, he is a dangerous 170 pounder who will be a beast at 155. If he beats joe daddy, joe silva will pit him against a top contender such as sherk, griffin, guida, etc. There is no reason he has to start at the bottom.

    As for going back to welterweight, if Diego ends up as the 155 champ do you really think he would start in the middle at welterweight or do you think silva would start making super fights with the top wws?

    I am really excited about Diego at 155 and I dont even like him much. He is just a great fighter with a lot of potential. good luck Diego.
    Great points. Diego won me over with his fight against Florian. He's now one of the fighters I most look forward to see fighting. I love the fact that he's in such a stacked division. So many great fights to be made there. Big Daddy will put up a fight but this will be the third opponent in a row that on paper, at least, looked like a bad match up for him. The first two proved to be the case and I expect this to be no different.

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    Diego is a great fighter but very undersized at WW. He gave Fitch everything he could handle and was 15-25lbs lighter then him. The only 2 guys that might have something on Diego would be Sherk and Bj. That is depending on how Diego makes the weight class. Diego comes in great shape and is a true professional so I really dont have any doubts about him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckauffman28 View Post
    i think he wont get passed stevenson, although i would love to see him face guida,diaz, sherk, griffin and a few other lw. And in his few last ww fights he struggled so i really didnt see him in the top 5 in the division anymore.
    with regards to your other comment and this one, you're writing diego off too easily. he got set back against koscheck and fitch but at ww (when he goes back) he's going to be at the cusp of bursting onto the top contendership scene, regardless of how well he does at lw. at lw, he's maybe two wins away from a title shot. like others have said, if diego beats stevenson, especially if he does it convincingly, they're going to put him up against a top contender. joe silva and co are not going to play around with diego at lw, they're going to push him.

    you said sth like "[...] in my book" with regards to diego...well, good thing the ufc doesn't run according to your book

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    I think Diego takes this fight. And I agree he'd only need 2 impressive wins to fight for the lw title, maybe 3 if the first win isn't impressive.

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