This is from Tim Sylvia is at an all-time high with the cockiness, claiming it was "easy" to KO Arlovski and really talking big time. I was blown away by how ...cocky (good thing we got the word cock back I'd be screwed otherwise for this post cause I can't think of another word to use)....but yeah, read this and tell me if you don't think Sylvia is getting cockier than ever.

mmacanada: Alright we are here with Team Miletich product also the current UFC Heavyweight Champ Tim the "Maine-iac" Sylvia! Tim great to have you here with us at! For the past few years you have been dominating not just in the UFC but in other organizations, beating everyone put in front of you! What is your biggest win in you career thus far??
Tim Sylvia: I know everyone's thinking Arlovski but that win wasn't really big, just easy. Its going to be a big win in july. Noone Ive fought has really given me any problems.

mmacanada: I noticed in your last fight that your striking is alot quicker and stronger. Who in the Miletich camp has helped you train for your most recent fights and what areas have you been improving on?
Tim Sylvia: Ive been working with my conditioning coach Billy Rush. Hes got me in the best shape of my life.

mmacanada: What made you choose full contact fighting as a career?
Tim Sylvia: I was a bouncer in bars and I was getting in a lot of fights, so I figured I might as well get paid a lot more to do it. And look where its gotten me. Im the best of the best

mmacanada: Describe your win over Ricco Rodrigues that gave you your first UFC heavyweight title? Did you predict winning by TKO?
Tim Sylvia: I know I would have K'd the F*ck out of Ricoo. Arlovski couldent do that!!

mmacanada: Sometimes the octagon may not be the safest place to be and mistakes do happen but very rarely, for all the fans that want to know the real deal, what exactly were you feeling inside when you lost your championship to Frank Mir by doctor stoppage due to a broken arm that you suffered as a result of not tapping? Did you loose any respect for Frank?
Tim Sylvia: No Frank's a good guy. The whole time I was just thinking its not over you know. I would definately win in a rematch. That is if Frank is up to it. I think his careers over.

mmacanada: Now lets move to the first match with Arlovski for the vacant heavyweight title, you fell short on that.. but you were able to regain the title and revenge by beating Arlovski the second time around at UFC 59 and captured your second reign of the UFC HEavyweight championship, how did it feel to prove that Arlovski is beatable?
Tim Sylvia: I always knew Arlovski was beatable the guy gets knocked out by a light breeze. The first time I just made a stupid mistake. And look what happend the second time I embarrased him.

mmacanada: I must admit, I was rooting for you and I was very impressed with the way you fought that match, you were quicker, tougher, meaner and overall CALM! How did you prepare for that fight knowing you were the underdog and that the bets were stacked against you?
Tim Sylvia: I came in their with a game plan and I executed it. I knocked his ass out.

mmacanada: Last but not least, Tim you got a fight just around the corner against Arlovski for the 3rd and maybe the final time, how important is it for you to win this fight? Win or loose, what is next for you?
Tim Sylvia: Its very important and I will win again. I must say this is the first interview where I wasent asked about Jlb. Im so sick of this guy. Bottom line he likes to open his mouth a lot but he doesent want to fight me. He wont sign the contract and get knocked the f*ck out.

mmacanada: Tim, great to have you with us and we are looking forward to speaking with you again!
Tim Sylvia: Thank you guys!