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Thread: It's Showtime Oktagon 2009 - Milan (Souwer vs. Petrosyan)

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    Default It's Showtime Oktagon 2009 - Milan (Souwer vs. Petrosyan)

    I almost forgot this event was even happening, but luckily I was able to catch a replay. I can't say I really had heard much about Giorgio Petrosyan before now, but he is a very slick fighter, and he used just about everything in his arsenal to keep Andy Souwer off-balance and out of his range. The fight got dramatic when the judges unexpectedly ruled it a draw after three rounds despite Petrosyan seeming to be in control of the exchanges. Things got even more heated when Souwer was dropped by a punch in the extension round and the referee declined to give him a count. But in the end the judges saw things the way of his incredibly agitated corner crew and gave him the decision, in what has to be considered a major upset.

    On the undercard, Sahin "Kaas" Yakut looked solid in demolishing his oppenent in under a minute, and Hassan el Hamzaoui used a never ending barrage of flashy spinning kicks en route to a comfortable decision. Overall it was a pretty sweet card; the venue looked packed, and Petrosyan getting the big win makes things even more interesting for the big Amsterdam Arena show in May.

    Sahin 'Kaas' Yakut def. Shemsi Bequiri via R1 TKO

    Hassan el Hamzaoui def. Federico Pacini via R5 Decision

    Giorgio Petrosyan def. Andy Souwer via R4 Decision

    Other results:

    Rico Verhoeven def. Petr Majstorovic via Decision
    Gregory Choplin def. Franco Lazzaro via Decision
    Alexander Cosmo def. Murthel Groenhart via Decision
    Armen Petrosyan def. Arnaldo Silva via Decision
    Prajaskin Kaenjabai def. Francesco Cerigone via Decision
    Mohammed Belkacem def. Slimane Sissoko via Decision
    Wendell Roche def. Jasmin Becirovic via Decision

    IT'S SHOWTIME - May 16, Amsterdam Arena

    Badr Hari VS Sem Schilt
    Tyrone Spong VS Gökhan Saki
    Melvin Manhoef VS Stefan Leko
    Errol Zimmerman VS Mourad Bouzidi
    Andy Souwer VS Chahid Oulad El Hadj
    Giorgio Petrosyan VS Faldir Chahbari
    Gago Drago VS William Diender
    Nieky Holzken VS Sahin 'Kaas' Yakut
    Joerie Mes VS Alviar Lima
    Murat Direkçi VS TTBA
    Rico Verhoeven VS TBA
    Chris Ngimbi VS Dennis Schneidmiller
    Sem Braan VS Imro Main
    Orono vor Petchpoon VS Hassan El Hamzaoui
    Björn Bregy VS TBA

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    I missed this fight and I don't watch the replay...
    Music is my LIFE!!!

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    Wow smooge I've never even heard of the "It's Showtime" events. How do you find theses things??? Judging by the gifs it looked like a very exciting event to watch and I'll have to watch the youtube vid when I get home cause I do loves me my kickboxing. Thanks again... I'm definitely surprised by the sower defeat as he's usually a rock solid fighter but that just goes to show that there is so much talent all around the world. Amazing spinning back crescent kick by Hassan... He looks like he's got TKD skills ala Serkin Yilmaz wish he was still in K-1.

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