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Thread: B.J. PENN addresses the NSAC about 'Grease-Gate'

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    Quote Originally Posted by carbondioxide830 View Post
    i just cant wrap my mind around the decision to suspend karo and fine him 40% of his pay, but they they let gsp completely off the hook basically. are people blind? its bull shit and its unfair.
    Look, I don't blame B.J for taking it to the commission but if they had fined GSP his lawyers would start busting out dozens and dozens of examples of other fighters having grease applied to their body and the shitstorm that is greasegate would turn into something that could potentially ruin the sport for good.

    The fact of the matter is the athletic commission, knowingly or not, has let TONS of people get away with similar applications of vasoline to the body.

    It is good that there will be rule changes from here on out, it is very good, but punishing GSP and ignoring every other example would not be feasible.

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    BJ is sooooo sad.

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