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Thread: Georges St. Pierre: I'll Help Kenny Florian Whip B.J. Penn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palma View Post
    How do you know what a fighter's personality is really like though? All you have to judge them by is a Reality Show and their antics in the cage.... if you are using either or both of these as a means to judge a fighter's personality then I think your judgement is seriously flawed.
    I don't weigh a lot about a fighter based off of a reality show and to be honest it's rare that I dislike a fighter as a result of his/her personality but there are some cases is all Iím saying. Look, my judgment isnít flawed in anything, if you read what I posted, I made it clear that I still recognize and appreciate a fighterís skill (BJ is a dick but he's an amazing fighter) but personally dislike them on a favorite fighter scale, which bares nothing in comparison to their skill and this is something Iím fully aware of. It would be one thing if this were my definitive list, but this is personally who do I like best as a fighter based off of skill/personality mainly because Iím a fan of the sport and it's fighters. Trust me, I would have a very different list of fighters based off of skill, the main thing here is this is just preference or fan based that's all.

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    BJ ftw baby.
    Count it.

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