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Thread: New Tatame article claims Machida drinks own urine?

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    the only thing more disturbing than machida drinking his own urine
    is the comments in response from the members on this board lol.

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    and I thought it was weird hearing Mouises Alou use to piss on his hands before baseball games.

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    i wanna grow up and be an undefeated UFC LHW fighter and drink my own piss too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimG View Post
    It could be worse. At least he isn't drinking other people's pee
    As far as we know. It didn't say that he doesn't.

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    God every time I hear this with fighters it makes my stomach turn... I'm not sure if there is really any scientific backing to this, but that doesnt mean it won't work... I guess?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbenson98 View Post
    maybe he drinks it cause its sterile and he likes the taste. whats wrong with that? he does look like a pee drinker not bashing here but that uni-brow makes him look like a pee drinker and or a sheep toucher. Hey i like him as a fighter and This might actually make me like him more.
    Wow...saying he looks like he's a sheep toucher isn't bashing? Where's the fight reference?

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    "hey Machida, hows taste your pee-pee? okay?" - Andrei Arlovski

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    I have heard if you have athletes foot to pee on your feet in the shower and it will help cure it.I have never been broke enough where I couldn't afford medicine so don't know if it works..drinking it I always heard your own urine was poison to your own body.Guess I am wrong.I remember a SF guy in the Military I knew said they were told if ever need be to drink others pee but not there own because of that reason.
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    The original quote's actual translation

    In addition to detail all his training routine, the unbeaten fighter also revealed a curious tradition that had kept to seven words: supporter of urinoterapia is, custom of eating their own urine every day.


    A simple alternative for treatment of health

    The Urinoterapia is a therapeutic technique that involves the ingestion of urine and its application to the skin by means of compresses, friction or bathing. While most Westerners are accustomed to modern medicine resists it, is a very old technique, efficiency verified by various peoples throughout the ages. Was used in India, Tibet, Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Inca civilizations, the Maya and Aztec. There are records of its use even in orthodox medicine in the West, not so long ago: in 1841, Dr. Dioscorides in England published the book "The English Treasury", which prescribed urine to wash wounds. In the eighteenth century, dentists used urine from Paris to clean teeth. During the Middle Ages it was common in Europe, drinking own urine as a protection against the plague. Even today, as the people of Nicaragua, or Arabia and Alaska used urine to heal physical ills. To the northeast of Brazil and many other areas, in areas where there is lack of medical resources, the popular tradition recommends the implementation of children's urine for skin diseases, burns and hives poisons animals, and water taturanas alive.

    Although ancient and globally distributed, the Urinoterapia was disappearing as the science and technology were developed. This may be explained by the high pressure from the pharmaceutical industry on medical practice and scientific research. Natural treatments, most often considered superstitious, they are rarely included in the curricula of medical schools.

    Should not be maintained in a shade that can be therapeutically very valuable. Perhaps it is a therapy for extreme cases, but there are people - and increasingly will be - in situations of acute physical and psychological suffering, without access to traditional treatments, often for lack of resources. In such cases, the very need this treatment would indicate.

    Besides, drinking urine means for many people to break ingrained conditioning. Only a little away from the collective mental atmosphere is getting to perform such an act. For them, this decoupling, in itself, is already deeply curator.

    This book is a collaboration for the health treatment they need immediate, simple, safe and independent financial efforts.

    Encounter with Urinoterapia

    The critical situation of human health, resource materials and the difficulties of modern medicine to solve problems that are presented today are pushing the population to find simple, inexpensive and effective treatment.

    It is known that there are currently about twelve thousand species of allopathic medicine in the world, and they do not always solve the problem of health, becoming more acute.

    The misuse of drugs artificial weakens the body in general and may end up leading to immune deficiency, which in turn generates drug dependence becoming stronger. The number of uncontrollable disease and those that science can not explain. Besides, modern urban life poisoning the human body, often with difficult removal products.

    Within this context, we see that the body operates as a major producer of pharmaceuticals, laboratory analgesics, antibiotics, substances that the immune system and reorganize itself to certain hormones that can cure or prevent disease.

    Urine, as we shall see, is a drug that our natural biological laboratoirio produces intelligent, able to rebalance the body by stimulating its functions of elimination and defense and restore lost vitality.

    What is the urine

    Urine is formed in our kidneys, through a laborious filtering of the blood. Before being filtered by the kidneys, blood passes through the liver, which extracts the toxins and discarded through the bile thrown into the intestine. The function of the kidneys is to maintain a balance of substances in the blood and control the amount of water in the body, and not, as is usually believed to eliminate toxins - work performed by the liver. Urine, therefore, is a pure product of the blood and not a pile of toxic elements, it is not a waste as feces.

    In the urinary tubes, 99% of the fluid filtered by the kidneys is reabsorbed and re-circulate in the blood, only 1% of this liquid, about a liter and a half each day is excreted through the kidneys, stored in the bladder and expelled as urine.

    Although their chemical composition depends on the diet, one can say that urine is made up of 96% water and 4% of organic and inorganic elements. They are:

    1. Inorganic compounds: sodium chloride and other salts of chloride salts Enxofre, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, fluorine, iodine, iron, zinc, phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid.

    2. Some of the organic compounds: urea, creatinine, ammonium, uric acid, albumin and other proteins in addition to 21 species of amino acids, amines and organic acids.

    3. Carbohydrates: cetoácidos, lactic acid and uric acid.

    4. Vitamins: A, B, C, E, among others, and pantothenic acid.

    5. Hormones: pituitary, sexual, prostaglandins, ADH (antidiuretic hormone), among others.

    Many substances used in treatments are extracted from the urine: the allantoin, which aids in wound healing and anti-optimal; globulins, including immunoglobulins, which are antibodies, urea, responsible for the bactericidal capacity of the urine and by the inhibitory action of TB bacilli, the uroquinase enzyme vasodilator, which helps prevent thrombosis, the 3-metilglioxal, which destroys cancer cells.

    When the body is intoxicated, the kidneys fail to work efficiently and leave many substances needed to leave. Andalusia Urinoterapia practiced, these elements are vital parts. Drinking one's own urine, therefore, is not risky as many believe. In truth, Urinoterapia has no contraindications, even if the person is with urinary infection. The urine is not poison - that idea is a mistake of industrialized societies that have lost contact with the wisdom of nature.

    The most common objections to Urinoterapia

    As the Urinoterapia is considered odd by those inclined to be addressed by the pharmaceutical industry, usually wakes objections from them.

    The most common of all is that just removed the body can not be good for him. Now, if we observe nature, we see that the dead leaves and paid the land are essential to the health of trees. Nature does not waste anything, we are the ones who do not understand. Ingredients in the urine are very useful to our body. Those so-called toxic (urea and uric acid, for example) are also found in the blood and the dilution of their appearance in the urine are not dangerous. Furthermore, killed in digestion. It is well to remember that the feces contain toxins, and can not be reused as urine.

    Another objection is that the taste of urine is disgusting. This is true when the body is intoxicated. After starting treatment, the taste is becoming more and more safe. If it was initially very poor, the problem can be avoided by mixing with other liquid urine, and orange juice, tea, propolis, or even water. Drink plenty of fluids is another method should therefore be more dilute urine and taste milder.

    Some argue that the benefits attributed to Urinoterapia due to the credulity of those who recounts. And placebo, the urine would have only psychological effect. However, there are records of healing of animals by this method, indicating that the argument was not applicable.

    "If this treatment is so useful, how can it be forgotten in medicine?", Others allege. It happens that the medicine is not an exact science or infallible, and what today is considered healthy for it, tomorrow can not be. Add to that the fact that urine is a medicine that does not profit in any industry.

    As practice Urinoterapia

    There are several ways to practice Urinoterapia. There are six basic patterns that can be combined in different ways to address each specific case.

    1. Drinking urine once per day, on waking.

    2. Drinking urine several times a day, using what the instinct to do so.

    3. Make a complete fasting, taking only water and any spilled urine.

    4. Rub the entire body with the urine, mainly the face, head, neck and feet.

    5. Apply towels - cloth embedded with urine - in areas affected by tumors, blisters, sores, swelling or burns.

    6. Immersion bathing in water mixed with urine eliminated in the last 8 or 9 hours.

    The mildest form is the first one. It stimulates the regeneration and purification of the body and preventing diseases. We recommend a glass of 200 ml. the first urine of the morning, fresh, since it is the hormone ADH, which is antibiotic, analgesic, activating the circulation and stimulating the secretion of other hormones. Whereas if the body was very intoxicated, the first urine is a difficult one, as it will have a strong smell and taste. As already said, we can mix it with orange juice or with a few drops of propolis, or even with water, to start treatment. Or, ultimately, take the second urine of the morning, milder taste.

    As the body detoxifies, it is easier to move to the second approach: taking urine several times a day. This is done without difficulty after the purification of the body.

    The third form, more drastic, is indicated in severe cases, it promotes rapid and intense reaction in fasting-based water and urine. It is said that the effect of 10 days of this mode corresponds to the first 3 months.

    It is much easier to fast when urine is taken, because it is nutritious and decreases hunger. John Armstrong, who taught English therapist this technique to hundreds of patients, combined with friction advised of urine in the body, mainly on the face, head, neck and feet. He says that in this way not experienced dizziness or weakness by fasting.

    The fourth mode is indicated in skin rashes, psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infections and other ailments of the skin, and that urine contains amino acids, hormones, vitamins and other substances alive, it regenerates the skin. These substances activate and stimulate the body, increasing its power of self. Urine can be applied on the affected area and allow to dry, or friction continuously for periods of 20 to 60 minutes, one or more times a day. When the body is detoxified, the smell is not unpleasant. Otherwise, after the application or friction, wash the treated area.

    The urine is stored over the therapeutic properties when it comes to fresh skin. Urea, dissociated by enzymes, is converted into ammonia, a powerful germicide. Urine can be stored in a glass or ceramic and allow to stand for seven days, before applying. But in that case, your smell is very unpleasant.

    Urine compresses the modality listed fifth, striking effects in burns, wounds, abscesses and even in tumors that may not be friction. Armstrong recounts several cases of disappearance of cancer tumors by the combination of a fast way to compress and ingestion of any spilled urine.

    The sixth mode is indicated to revitalize and regenerate the skin and stimulate it when there are problems of disposal, such as excessive sweating. Despite manifestations also treat the skin, as the two previous approaches the body that are more general. The water bath may be prepared in body temperature or slightly warmer, to open the pores of the skin and facilitate absorption.

    Another way to use this powerful medicine is dilute (one to three glasses of water per liter) and irrigate the vaginal secretions and to treat infections (using a syringe), or cause intestinal lavage to treat diarrhea, constipation or intestinal infections. He can also be applied with drop in the eyes and ears in case of infections or other problems.

    For those who experience great difficulty in taking one's own urine is still the use of dynamic, as is done with homeopathic medicines. In this case, the person may itself make its urine-based medicine, using the steps outlined below:

    1. Jarritos 10 separate and fill with 3 / 4 water.

    2. Place a few drops of urine in the first taparlo and shake 100 times.

    3. Pour a drop of this mixture in the second pitcher and shake 100 times.

    4. Pour a drop of this mixture in the third pitcher and shake 100 times.

    5. Repeat this process until the tenth pitcher.

    6. Take 5 drops of the final mixture 3 times a day.

    Dynamic medications tend to act more on emotions and thoughts in the physical, then if the disease being treated is physical, it is preferable to pure urine.

    Boosting can be used in the immersion bath, if you want a deeper and more subtle effect: the urine is placed in a container with a lid, so that does not occupy more than 2 / 3 of it. Shaking the container so slow and steady for two and a half minutes, to produce foam. Were then vigorously poured the contents into the bath water.

    Some authors suggest that detoxification of the body after fasting through lavage and bowel before the start of treatment by Urinoterapia.

    In many cases, it concentrates its action in the abdominal region, where several bodies are necessary for metabolism and vital functions of the organism. As a result of the blood is the life force in your urine. Acts in the way energy flows are distributed, and thus is directly reflected in the general vitality of the body.

    The Urinoterapia treatment is highly dynamic, acting through the blood and is controlled by hormones natural organic, as the body is responding, the urine is modified and updated to meet new needs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRipper View Post
    I have heard if you have athletes foot to pee on your feet in the shower and it will help cure it.I have never been broke enough where I couldn't afford medicine so don't know if it works..drinking it I always heard your own urine was poison to your own body.Guess I am wrong.I remember a SF guy in the Military I knew said they were told if ever need be to drink others pee but not there own because of that reason.
    It actually works if usually kids pee and u wrap it up the pee with a towel if u broke your hand or foot, my mom uses that everytime somebody in my family got broken or slightly, it is good if u dont wanna go to hospital or something, eggs also help by the way.
    but drinking your own pee, i never heard about. i heard people gettin bigger muscles after gettin pee or sperm of horse. it is one nasty case.

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