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Thread: What would you rather watch? (choose 1)

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    Malice Guest

    Default What would you rather watch? (choose 1)

    I am just curious, and why?
    (Notice "Both" is not allowed)
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    Im saying Lesnar/Mir.

    I enjoy watching Fedor fight but, to be honest, its kinda like reading an adventure book where all the outcomes are the same.

    Lesnar is a freak of nature and I personally think its interesting to see him evolve. Will he win or lose? No one knows. That makes it more exciting to watch, to me.

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    Mir Lesnar 2 is the one I really want to see. I like to watch Fedor fight and since I can't choose both...Also a big thing making me lean toward the Lesnar fight is the WW championship fight. I am stoked to see what Lesnar can bring to the table against Mir. It also sounds like (in a rumoured thread) that it won't even be Barnett against Fedor anyway. I do not think anyone else deserves a shot at Fedor so if it is anyone else but Barnett I will wait to see that fight.
    Go Barnett and Mir!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fillups422 View Post
    Im saying Lesnar/Mir.

    I enjoy watching Fedor fight but, to be honest, its kinda like reading an adventure book where all the outcomes are the same.

    Lesnar is a freak of nature and I personally think its interesting to see him evolve. Will he win or lose? No one knows. That makes it more exciting to watch, to me.
    I agree, I think Fedor is going to start to run into the same problem Tyson did in the late 80s and early 90s. Sure he is one of, if not the, best fighters on the planet. But why spend 45 bucks to watch him when you know he is going to put his oppenant away in about 3 mins. I would rather spend my hard earned cash on a fight were the outcome is not so predictable. I mean Mir could tap Lesnar in the first round, or Lesnar could destory Mir in the first round.
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    I'd watch Mir/lesnar, but I certainly wouldn't pay for it. It's not even the most exciting fight in the UFC stable.

    Chose to watch something other than the best fighter on the planet, just because I don't know the outcome of the other fight? That's like watching crappy sitcoms instead of going to a great movie because you've already seen the trailer, to my mind.

    I believe Fedor will win, but there's always the chance that he won't...which is amazing to me. It's like watching a pitcher take a no/no into late innings...some people find it boring, but I like the razor edge-ness of it.

    But then again, I love to watch Machida fight as well. He's fighting guys who are proven to be able to finish a fight if he makes just one misstep, and the best part to me is to see if he's able to dance along that edge. Fedor is a much more traditional fighter, but the fact that he's extending a streak that has never even been close to being touched with every fight is exciting in and of itself, to me.


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    Co Sign on almost all the posts. I think fedor is amazing to watch but I personally think he will destroy barnett and I like Josh and think he MAY stand a chance ( That's also what I thought about AA :-/).

    Also as has already been said the Mir V. Lesnar fight provides an interesting dynamic, on one hand you have the real Incredible Hulk who only seems to get faster and stronger as time goes on, and he's fighting a man who was once considered the best in the world by many, who almost lost everything in the blink of an eye including his life. Now their both hungry but for very different reasons, and it brings us back to really the very core of why most fighters do this, to show they are the best in the world.

    Now you look at the Fedor fight, Considered #1 heavyweight in the world, some think ever, fighting a guy who a lot of people think is the only REAL competition for him right now. Yet people thought his last what 8 fights would give him real competition.

    So do I wanna watch mike tyson or rocky vs Mr T?

    Rather watch rocky.

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    Mir/Lesnar 2. Mostly because this could go either way, but also because Barnett is in love with Fedor.

    To be honest, I want to see them both. If only Atencio could just make the Fedor/Barnett match happen. At least then I can start hoping that they fight to win and not to go easy on each other.

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    i like watching fedor as much as anybody, but you havta respect that the HW title is gonna be reunited. also the evoltion of brock lesnar and frank mirs proformance over nog all make this the fight to see.

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    While Mir/Lesnar 2 presents interesting matchup (will it go the same as the first one) Fedor/Barnett is one of the best (if not THE best) top HW matchups that can be organized right now.

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    I chose Lesnar vs Mir 2 because i think Fedor will KO out barnett in the early first, atleat this fight has a little competition to it. Considering most don't really have a chance against Fedor anyways.

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