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Where was it announced from Affliction or anyone in Affliction that they would be putting on an event in July? Announced.

See this is your biggest problem, and it's beginning to get really obvious, as I'm not the only one putting you in your place for saying really stupid shit.

You take things you hear from somewhere, regardless of the source, and babble them back as though you are an authority on it. no knowledge, no factual backup, nothing. just you running your mouth perpetuating bad information.
Putting me in my place? You don't run shit around here, get that?

I was basing my statements on IF the event were to happen, did I ever say oh, there doing an event, they better get ready for the event, they need to make an announcement, No didn't. You seriously need some type of help Thumper. Each time I see a reply from you, it bashes someone, or me, and you have actually stopped bashing other people, which made you look stupid to begin with.

This is a case of you wanting Affliction to survive, that's it. Get butt hurt about what im saying, I don't care.