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Thread: Notes from UFN 18 Conference Call

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    Default Notes from UFN 18 Conference Call

    Notes from UFN 18 Conference Call | Five Ounces of Pain

    Kampmann says he is used to welterweight now and is over the Marquardt loss.

    Condit says fighting in the UFC is a natural progression for his career

    Condit says the change to the new camp at Arizona combat sports is because he was burnt out at his old camp and that the guys at Arizona combat excel in areas that he wants to improve, mainly wrestling.

    Condit is not worried about UFC jitters. Feels he has a lot of big fight experience.

    Condit thinks Kampmann is tough and very well rounded. He hasnít focused on anything in particular for Kampmann

    Both fighters are excited to be headliners in Tennessee but think a fight is a fight.

    Condit said it was a difficult decision to move to Arizona from New Mexico but he needed the change and has thought about it for years. He moved with his Fiancť and they are both settling in Arizona.

    Kampmann likes living in the US but still likes to visit home. The UFC helps him maintain his work visa. He knew no one but Mike Pyle when he moved here, and he didnít even know Pyle all that well.

    Condit is confident with his new corner men. New school is a little more technical than old camp. Leaving his old camp was one of the hardest decisions he has ever made. He felt like he wasnít improving and needed guys on his level to train with on a regular basis.

    Kampmann thinks Conditís length and BJJ can pose some problems but is not worried.

    Does not feel previously fighting at middleweight wonít help because Condit is a large welterweight as well.

    Both fighters like to watch tape on their opponents.

    Kampmann thinks hardest part of training is cardio. In his words, it ďsucksĒ.

    Condit thinks staying mentally focused throughout the whole training camp is the hardest part.

    Condit thinks he has improved over his 8 month layoff and it hasnít hindered him.

    Condit thinks coming from a champ in the WEC to just another fighter in the UFC gives him less pressure.

    Kampmann had other offers to fight sooner than this but his Mom came to visit and requested an April fight and was offered Condit.

    Condit thinks if he beats Kampmann he will still be 3 or 4 wins from title contention.

    Kampmann says only difference in drop to 170 is that when he fought at 185lbs he had to drink weight gainers and now at 170lbs he has to drink protein shakes. He still eats whatever he wants.

    Michael Bisping is very excited about new action figures and the new video game.

    Dan Henderson is also excited about the action figures and video game but thinks his kids are way more excited than himself. Says he isnít into playing with his own action figure.

    Henderson says he had a great time coaching and felt like he helped the fighters get better.

    Both coaches said their teams were very tight and the country vs country format seemed to give everyone a sense of pride and help them bond.

    Henderson thinks the UK fighters represented themselves well and it was a very competitive season.

    Henderson says coaching the Ultimate fighter is not similar to his Olympic experiences.

    Henderson has never coached internationally before the show.

    Bisping is excited for the opportunity to fight a fighter of Hendersonís level but already considers himself a top ten fighter.

    Henderson again states he is comfortable fighting at either LHW or MW. Wants to fight at whatever weight class offers the title shot.

    Bisping says he wasnít mad or upset at Leben for testing positive for steroids. Says if he lost the fight he may have been more vocal than he was.

    Henderson says the championship is important but it is not everything. Every fight is important and his goal is to be the best.

    Both coaches said they got along alright on the set and acted like professionals. Henderson said it was no ďKen and TitoĒ.

    Bisping said he isnít against returning to LHW some day and thinks he will be even better with the nutritional knowledge he has gained dropping to MW. But he is at MW for now.

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    I never been so excited for a UFN before. Condit is obviously a big reason to watch this event to see where he stands against the WWs in the UFC. I hope he gets an outstanding victory. I think its great that he decided to switch up his camp so he can get even more well-rounded. Most of the WEC champs have good character so i wish the best for them.
    I really hope the new season of TUF is as entertaining as the last one(IMO it was). Also I'm very interested to see if Dan is going to improve his fight game. IMO he really needs to work on his striking. I kno he hits pretty damn hard but more accuracy is a must for him to climb up whichever ladder he chooses to climb. I'm not a real fan of Bisping but I hope he can change my mind in his next fight.

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    I think this is great...
    Music is my LIFE!!!

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