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Thread: Blagoi Ivanov Signs 2 Yr. Contract With SK Absolute!

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    Default Blagoi Ivanov Signs 2 Yr. Contract With SK Absolute!

    Ivanov Signs Two-Year Contract With SK Absolute! Pro Debut In SENGOKU Or DREAM? « Nightmare Of Battle

    It was announced at a press conference today that Tenshin Matsumoto of SK Absolute has signed a two-year contract with Blagoi Ivanov, the man who beat Fedor in Combat Sambo, for his activities in Japan.

    Matsumoto saw Ivanov in Ferbuary in South Korea where he trained for three months and where he has a four-year contract with the South Korean Sambo League for his pro activities in Asia.

    Matsumoto says that the intentions of Ivanov right now is to fight as a pro in Japan. He is interested in DREAM & SENGOKU and Matsumoto is already negotiating with those two organizations. If he were to fight in the U.S. he is more interested in the event where Fedor fights, Affliction, than the UFC. Matsumoto wants him to debut in summer at the latest.

    He is of course being pushed as the man who brought down Fedor in Japanese media.

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    Can't wait for Fedor to smash his ass and shut up the haters.
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    Don't underestimate the guy...
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