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Thread: GSP > Silva

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandywh View Post
    GSP Nuthuggers,

    You couldn't finish Fitch or Penn (yeah that's right Penn quit, he wasn't finished by GSP), but somehow he's now better than Anderson Silva? What about Fedor? Adambomb has a P4P and doesn't have Fedor #1 or #2? That makes this entire thought garbage to begin with.

    WAR nuthuggery!
    I thought this thread was stupid to begin with and I think Anderson has the tools to beat GSP. However, looking at your comment, I agree he didn't finish off Fitch but yes GSP finished Penn. It's not like Penn decided to quit for fun or because of an injury, he couldn't continue because of the beating he got. GSP made him quit.

    Anyways Fedor is still #1 on the p4p, followed by Anderson, then followed by GSP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leucoethiops View Post
    Because he would've went to the ground and dominated there too.
    That only illustrates that GSP isnt that smart of a fighter if he will willing jump into the guard of someone who can submit him. Thats about as bad of a statement of me saying that GSP selected not to go toe to toe in stand up with BJ knowing he would get out classed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by braddahmatt View Post
    Too bad GSP won't beat Alves.
    I am a BJ fan, and hate the GSP nuthuggers, but be real for a second: Alves beat an old worn down Matt Hughes. GSP beat Fitch at the top of his game, and Fitch absolutely demolished Alves.


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    MMA math has been proven to fail.

    Fighter A beat fighter B, Fighter B beat fighter C = Fighter A automatically beats Fighter C
    This logic doesnt always apply to MMA.

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    silva would finish gsp

    GSP would push the fight and attempt to maul anderson... only he would be overpowered, outreached, and get his face caved in when shooting in. anderson preys off of his opponants pushing the pace... which is why aggressive, well-rounded fighters like henderson and franklin made anderson look so great. cote barely attacked and leites fell onto his back nearly in tears a dozen times.

    end thread.
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    I said the same thing a little over a year back on here and got flamed so bad that I now only post once every few months or so... but I still stick by it and it's starting to look alot more evident now that GSP is the better fighter and should be above Anderson on the P4P list. Within a year this will be common knowledge. BTW, I'm taking nothing away from Anderson with that, I just think GSP has beaten the much better competition.
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    GSP would lose to hendo and frankline why in hell do you think he can beat silva
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    Yanno all this focus on GSP and Silva meanwhile Alves is somewhere quiet and training his ass off. Something tells me an upset may be in the making.

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    Why does everyone think that Silva is so much stronger than St Pierre? I know I heard Rashad Evans saying that St Pierre can throw him around and takes him down often. If this is the case then I can definitly see St Pierre having the ability to maul Silva.
    Good reminder about Alves, I certainly haven't forgotten him and I am really nervous (not that it really matters) for St Pierre right now. I would not be suprised to see St Pierre try to fight this one standing up but I digress. My point is that if St Pierre is as strong as Evans says he is then there is a huge possibility that he can manhandle Silva. Sadly I still see Silva winning that fight.
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    Wow man are u retarted?

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