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Thread: Should all Main Events Be 5 Rounds?

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    Default Should all Main Events Be 5 Rounds?

    Now, I realise that this is more the athletic commissions rather than the organisations but does anyone else feel a bit short changed with some fights?
    A good example of this would be Franklin vs Henderson, Evans vs Bisping, Liddell vs Jardine and even Jackson vs Jardine. All these fights were incredibly close and, perhaps, another two rounds would have provided a more decisive winner or even resulted in a stoppage.

    What I don't understand is why shouldn't these fights be 5 rounds? when we have, particulary in the UFC, a main event, it is largely contested between two of the more elite level fighters. It would also add a little more spice to the event as a whole.

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    i think 5 round fights would have been awesome with some of those fights but i dont think they will make it happen any time soon. but if they somehow do, i say they should pay those fighters more for it also, after all it would be more work the fighters would have to put in, especially in the gym to get in shape

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    Yeah it would be cool, but I don't see why a fight should go 5 rounds just because its the main event.

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    i voted no but i would have liked to see chuck vs wandy go 5 rounds
    maybe super fights like that could go 5 rounds
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    voted yes, reason for fights like chuck & wandy, hendo franklin, bisping evans, i would even say tito evans, i think after ufc 99 we will be putting frankin wandy on this list as well
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    I think that important bouts or number one contender bouts should possibly go, maybe not five rounds, but maybe be elevated to three, six minute rounds or heck, like PRIDE, have the first be a ten.

    I hate seeing big time fights go to a split decision.

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    Chuck/Wandy wasn't the main event, nor was Tito/Rashad

    Quote Originally Posted by Fedorlei Gomipierre View Post
    I hate seeing big time fights go to a split decision.
    What makes you think that adding two more rounds is going to lower the number of split decisions? If the fight was that close, the odds of all of those fights being finished in the next two rounds are low, seeing as it is very rare for fights to be finished in the 4th or 5th round in the UFC (in fact I only think one has ever finished in the 5th). And with more rounds, it actually makes it more complicated for all three judges to agree

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    i say yes.. cause it would be a better idea.. but i think they should lower the time for every round..
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    A belt should be on the line at every PPV. That said every main event should be 5 rounds imo.

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    No...Too long...Very dangerous I think...
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