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Thread: New BJ PENN training vid is a joke right???

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    Default New BJ PENN training vid is a joke right???

    When I first heard about BJ's new training video with some old guys I couldnt help but laugh out loud, because it sounded like BJ was making fun of the whole GSP/Penn three part COUNTDOWN of his criticized daily training. Now after a third watch of the video, I sense humour, but is it real?
    Parts of the video seem like it might be true, and Marv Marinovich is known to some, the father of former 1st round NFL pick QB Todd Marinovich. So I did some research on Marv, who was in this Penn training video........Marv was hired by the Oakland Raiders back in the day as the first ever NFL Strength and Conditioning coach. Marv was labeled as the worst sports father ever by ESPN. Marv's son Todd Marinovich was called 'America's first test tube athlete'. When Todd was one month old, Marv started to stretch his hamstrings, taught him pushups, how to use a balance beam, and carried medicine balls, this all before he could even walk. Once in the NFL, Todd got into every kind of drug he could find, which ruined his NFL career and he now scrapes barnacles off of boats as a part-time job.

    Anyone got any opinions on this one? Is Penn playing his classic games before the fight, I hope so cuz it always adds more hype!

    PS - This family is fucked, Marv's grandfather was in the Russian Army and amputated his own arm.
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    Hopefully BJ gets beat. And that street fight was Horrible.

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